Ryusousha – 72

Chapter 72


The two moons had to meet in order for the steel shells to fall.

Currently, Eldeno was the only moon that shone brightly in the heavens.


“I can’t see a thing. How far does this black mist go?”


The Shadows wouldn’t be able to see through the mist either.

So if they wanted to avoid attacking each other, they wouldn’t enter the mist.


In that case, I didn’t have to worry about them.

And so I melted into the shadows.


This was good. I could stay calm and think.


There had to be more to this magic than just mist.

Besides, it made no sense, as it would negatively impact both sides.


“So, what is the enemy trying to do?”


It wasn’t as if Makoku was crawling with magicians.


In order to become a magician, you had to drink a certain medicine.

It was made from the juices of a plant that could only be found in the Canopied Mountains. As they were very difficult to reach, they could only gather a small amount every year.


Not only that, but even if you did drink it, being able to do magic after that was mostly up to luck.

Children of magicians were more likely to be able to use magic, but it wasn’t a sure thing.


Still, there were old families of magicians who were careful to not let their bloodlines die off.


Magic was said to be able to materialize your subconscious.

Just like Shadow Crossing, it often resulted in creating things that you wished for.


This was why many of the magicians in Makoku had great, powerful magic, that was suited for fighting Moon Beasts.

Big or small, it was almost always with the Moon Beasts in mind.


However, there were exceptions.

Because there was also a need for magicians who fought other humans.


“This black mist…it started to surround me. And it felt heavy and sticky.”


I moved through the shadows.

Once I was out of it, I checked to see how much ground it covered. And I saw that the area of mist was hundreds of meters in size.


“That’s bigger than I thought.”

The wind was blowing, and yet the mist hardly stirred.


And as expected, none of the magicians had stepped foot into it.

As for my backup, they were going around it.


Out of nowhere, something came flying towards one of the Shadows, and he was covered in liquid before half of his body froze.

So, it was ice.


It was water that was starting to freeze over as it flew.

By the time it landed, it had frozen completely.


A magician with ice magic, huh.

Being subject to one-sided ranged attacks was worrying.


I still didn’t know where the magician who was creating the black mist was, but I found the one that was using ice magic fairly quickly.

And since I was the closest, it would be best if I did the job.


Thankfully, the ice magic user was towards the back of the enemy formation.

As he was using ranged attacks, he didn’t need to come forward.


I remained in the shadows as I moved and came up behind him.

“They’re being cautious, huh.”


To the far left, there was a magician who was looking at the entire group. He was keeping watch.

If I showed myself now, I would get caught immediately.


And so I decided to take care of him first.


The two sides would clash very soon.

Twelve shadows would be joining the fight.


We had the advantage of numbers.

However, some of us were lost in the mist, and at least two had been frozen with ice magic.

So there weren’t many of us left. Things were not going well.


I had to end the battle quickly. First, I had to take down that watcher.

I looked around and made sure that no one else was looking in our direction. Then I showed myself.



The man I was targeting turned around immediately.

Damn it. How had he noticed?


A thin knife flew from his hand as he swirled around.

He was fast. One knife. And then another. They came flying.


The blades came straight towards my throat and stomach.

Judging by his aim, it was clear that throwing knives were his expertise.


But my father had been brutal when he trained me to deal with projectiles.

And so I had no trouble hitting them out of the air, but that gave him enough time to back away.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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