Ryusousha – 1

Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai(竜操者は静かに暮らしたい)

Author: Mogi Suzu(もぎ すず)

Chapter 1



◇ Leon at age 4


“I want to be a baker when I grow up.”


“I see. You want to be a baker just like me. Good for you.”


That was my first memory as a child.


“Hey, father. He’s still only four years old. Don’t force him to say he wants to be a baker!”


“Eina. You also said you wanted to be a baker when you were young…wait. No, you didn’t.”


“Of course, I didn’t. My dream was and still is to become someone’s wife.”

“Someone like your father?”


“No way. I want to marry someone young and good looking.”

“Young and good looking…am I so different…”


“I want to be a baker!”

“Ye-yes. Your dream is to be a baker, Leon. And as your father, I’m going to teach you everything.”


My father looked happy. My sister looked annoyed. That was the day that I decided what my dream was.


◇ Leon at age 7


The people of Ryukoku(Dragon county) were able to attend school at the age of 7 if they wished.


“Leon. You must decide. Do you want to study? Or do you want to work?”

“I want to work!”


“Good. Then you will learn how to bake. If you try really hard starting from now, you will be a great baker one day.”



After that declaration, I earnestly studied baking every single day.


Up until then, I had mostly just cleaned and brought in firewood or set out the bread on the shelves to be sold.

I was sure that I was able to do all of those jobs perfectly.


The new things I learned to do when I was 7 was preparing the dough, shaping it, baking and tending the store when the others were away.

Father and mother taught me everything I would need to know to run a bakery.


Every day was fun and fulfilling.


Aside from that, there were other things that my father taught me in secret.


“Hey, Leon. Do you want to be a baker forever?”

“Yes. Of course!”


“In order to do that, this country must be at peace.”



When was that?

I was still very young, as my father talked to me with a serious expression.


“There are many bad people. And sometimes there can be war, which means people will come to this town to kill each other. And then no one will buy any bread.”



Father was talking in an ominous, hushed voice.


“If you want to continue to be a baker, then you have to make sure there are no bad people and no war.”



It was difficult.

I didn’t understand what he meant, but I did remember the words he said.


“And so you must train with me.”



“You must train in order to continue to be a baker. So you can defeat the bad people and prevent war from occurring.”

“Okay! I’ll train.”


Surprisingly, in order to continue being a baker, I had to go through all kinds of training.

It started with putting on muscle and learning martial arts, swordsmanship, and archery.


But there was also infiltration, the art of escape and setting and deactivating traps as well.

And then, even magic…


“This is a medicine that was made in the demon kingdom. It will allow you to use magic. If you have the right qualities, the magic road will open to you. Of course, it won’t happen immediately. …Now, drink it.”


It was a type of grass juice. But the liquid was shining.

I took one sip, but it was very bitter.


Still, I forced myself to drink every last drop.


“Don’t tell your mother about this.”



At this time, the number of secrets between us was increasing.



Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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    • Yeah, makes a lot of sense, and if questioned, anything he says will be more believable than the truth. ‘Did you and your dad sneak out last night, for some drinking and whoring? No, he just taught me several ways to kill people, and then gave me a bad tasting medicine that lets you do magic!’

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