Flower Field Demon King – 20

Chapter 20


And so Adelia’s suggestion about restoring the church was put into action that very day.


“Uhhh. We have to clean this out…? This is going to be back-breaking.”

Such mutterings could be heard in front of the church.

While it was a secluded village, the people here were very devout, and so the church was disproportionately big. It could easily fit five houses inside of it.


“It’s only times like these that God’s authority is more of an annoyance.”

“Shh! You must not say such things! God might hear you!”

One of the villagers remonstrated the restoration support member.


“No. Clearly, there is no god here right now. Besides, I don’t think this place was ever fit for a church.”

Normally, these religious buildings were to be used as a refuge during disasters.

However, this building was not only the worst in terms of structure, but it was built in the lowest part of the village. That was why it was the first building to be filled with water.


But leaving that aside…


“It really is terrible.”

Qudels said as he looked at the church.

The walls that had once been white with plaster were now stained brown from the mud. And sand and stone covered the stone paving.


It was a worse sight within the building.

The rooms were filled with sludge and the smell of rot was everywhere.

Not only that, but there were flies and mosquitos everywhere, which was proof of how unclean it was.

Furthermore, this region was known for having parasitic flies that lay eggs under people’s skin. This could cause maggots to grow from wounds.


“Hey! Bring in the sacks! Lots of them!”

“Are there enough shovels? There are some over here if you need any!”

“Tell them where to throw away the dirt and rocks! Don’t just put them in random places!!”

The village people and the restoration support team shouted to each other like this as they got to work.


And while the village chief was at the site as well, she was not used to giving orders to so many people. And so she mostly just stood behind Adelia with a vague expression.

For better or worse, she was just an average pretty girl.


Of course, there were a few who saw her uncertain expression and tried to talk to her, but Adelia’s eyes were ever ready to turn into a glare. And so they all had to retreat with their tail between their legs.


“Now, I suppose I will help with the removing of mud.”

Qudels said as he rolled up his sleeves and exposed his biceps.

He wasn’t wearing his usual robes today.


“You, group leader? I was wondering why you were dressed like that. However, your job is to give them orders. Please stop this.”

Qudels was wearing a black top and pants that fit very tightly against his muscled body. Perhaps because of his excellent physique, there was an odd allure to him that made it difficult for her to know where to look.

She wanted to pound her fists on his thick chest as she glared at his sinfully defined abdominal muscles. Still, she tried to persuade him to stop…

Of course, none of it was to enter Qudels’s ears.


“But you can do all of that, can’t you, Miss Adelia? Then I should fulfill my duty as a laborer.”

He argued. And then he joined the other men in carrying out the mud.


“What does he think he is doing? I can never tell…”

She suspected that Qudels was capable of cleaning up this mess in an instant with his usual magic. And so it was odd that he didn’t.

But she understood it soon enough. Because after a while, some of the women of the village came out with drinks and refreshments.



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