Flower Field Demon King – 20


“Ah, thank you. What delicious looking water this is.”

“Oh, you silly thing. This is the water that you men brought here in bottles.”

“No, no. It is the water that you gave me. That makes it wonderful.”

“Oh, you are so charming, group leader.”

…Like that, Qudels accepted the water and proceeded to talk, laugh and flatter.


He clearly just wanted an excuse to talk to the life support group.

A method that combined taste and profit… This man used his head for all of the wrong reasons.

Not only that, but it was well-received by the other workers, and so she could not object to it.


And with that, their spirits rose and the work of clearing out the church went by more smoothly.

The men carried the mud and sand out of the building and the women washed out the remaining dirt.

The cracked pillars and walls were repaired with magic and materials were brought in to replace the roofs… In just half a day, the church was able to pass the minimum requirements in order to function.


And then, children came out with flowers that they picked and decorated the altar.

With that alone, the dirty interior of the church became a little more attractive.

This bright scene felt like a symbol of hope in the eyes of some and helped ease the tired hearts of the villagers.


“…Like this, God can be called at any time.”

“Uh, really?”

The chief asked Adelia.

She was not sure if it was right to call for God when the place still looked so dirty.


After all, they had only just placed some wildflowers there. They had no incense to cleanse the building and no cloth to put on the altar.

Maybe God would be angry after seeing this, and they would be cursed instead?

Such were the thoughts that were probably in her head.


However, as if to erase such fears, Adelia smiled with confidence.


“There is no problem. After all, the most important thing when calling to God, is the strength of your faith. These tall buildings and extravagant decorations are all just part of human vanity.”

But then again, some people also used it as proof of their sincerity, so it wasn’t completely meaningless either.

However, it was true that the gods didn’t judge such things by the same standards that humans did.


“But… We’ll need to hire a priest and…”

“Don’t worry. I’ve studied theology during my time at the academy. I have the license as well. So there is no need to call for anyone.”


The woman who was considered the worst of villains was going to call God to the church.

There was a great irony to it.


However, the most important thing now was for the village to receive divine protection.

Not having a god to worship was a matter of life and death for the people in this world.


“So, let’s make preparations at once. I have brought incense and a burner with me, so you must prepare the fire. Also, I would like to cleanse myself first, so I must have water as well.”


And so, by Adelia’s order, the ceremony to invite God to the church was to begin at once…

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    • It would be much funnier if it was a Goddess, and then Qudels starts hitting on her, causing her to panic and ascend as fast as possible. Moreso if she quickly learns what his true abilities are.

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