Ryusousha – 66

Chapter 66


The Left Hands were still bound by Harui.


“Hey, Harui. Has your skill with magic improved?”

“I have better control of it now. Also, perhaps its reach has increased.”


Harui’s magic.

It was called the ‘Colorless Shield,’ and allowed him to create invisible walls where he pleased.


Currently, it was this ‘Colorless Shield,’ that was binding all of the Left Hands.

In Makoku, they called this power ‘Invisible Guard.’


“If your reach has improved, then surely you can do something about Stone Eyes?”


Basilisk used magic that turned everything into stone.

The name ‘Stone Eyes’ was used in Ryukoku, but as Harui was from Makoku, the name Basilisk was more familiar to him.


“The farthest distance that Basilisk can petrify from is said to be 40 meters. However, I believe it is actually 80 meters. At least. Perhaps it is 200 meters. If you are going to escape by dragon, you will want to be careful about distance.”


Basilisk could petrify anything, regardless of it being alive or not. And it didn’t require a stare.

Makoku’s Strongest Magician.

Perhaps even the strongest on the continent.


The secret passage that Leon had used to meet the queen.

Those were all created as a security measure against Basilisk.

Being able to petrify things would not help you when trying to escape from a closed-off room.


Aside from that, the queen’s escape routes employed various traps for Basilisk, that were made with magic or with the craftsmanship of Gikoku.


That was how much Ryukoku feared Basilisk.


Harui’s ‘Colorless Shield’ had a maximum range of 112 meters.

That might seem like Harui had the advantage, but there was no saying if what the public knew of Basilisk’s power was the truth.


“Do you think that it’s possible that Basilisk will be with the magicians who attack the students?”

“That might be more likely. It’s a safer bet.”


“Aren’t you worried about Leon?”

“He shouldn’t have any trouble running away. When my son dives into the shadows, even I cannot restrain him. Of course, he wouldn’t last for a second if he actually tried to fight Basilisk.”


When Leon disappeared with Shadow Crossing, even Harui’s Colorless Shield would not be able to find him.

And Harui believed that it would be the same with petrification.


“He might surprise you and end up winning. Isn’t it possible?”


“If he continues to improve, he will one day be able to win. But not now. Basilisk’s skill in martial arts surpasses him easily. Even if Leon could launch an ambush or dodge the attacks, he would just get petrified in the very end.”


“Well, I suppose we will just have to wait.”

“If you want to be certain, yes.”


“Also, and this is a secret, a host of Dragon Masters are standing ready to attack the Makoku capital if ‘Stone Eyes’ appears here or at the military exercise.”


If Basilisk was in Makoku, he would be able to turn them into stone, no matter how many they sent.


But a Makoku without Basilisk would fall easily to the Dragon Masters.

Savane was prepared to launch such an attack.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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