Ryusousha – 66


“Well, it seems like there is even less reason for him to leave now.”


“So, it really will be the Thirteen Steps, I think.”

“It’s quite likely. Besides, Makoku has always preferred bland magic. They care less about precision and control, and prefer scale.”


“Well, that seems quite practical when fighting Moon Beasts.”

“Yes. But the Thirteen Steps are trained to fight people. So they might not have much to do.”


Many Ryukoku people thought of magic as something that caused great explosions or for the earth to crack open.


And they weren’t exactly wrong. But there was also magic that wasn’t effective on Moon Beasts that made you nearly invincible against humans.

And it was the Thirteenth Steps that had perfected such magic.


“Hey, Harui. Since you came all of the way here, you’ll stay and relax, won’t you?”

“Well, I can’t exactly leave you in good conscious when I see how you’re being protected.”


“Then stay and we can talk. It’s been three years.”

“What about these things on the floor?”


“I will be fine if Harui is here. You can leave me.”


A groan could be heard by Harui’s feet.


“Alright, now, let’s go back. I want to remember. When I was still young…”


Back when all of the Shadows served the king, there was only one who swore an oath of loyalty to Savane.

“Now, let’s go.”


She had the same eyes she did when she was a princess, as she invited Harui into a separate room.

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Hope everyone is doing well! If you have time, I would really appreciate it if you could rate/review the series. Not really sure how people feel about it yet and would like to know your thoughts. It’s not getting that much readers. I suppose people are really just waiting for Tensei Kenja to come back.


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  1. I enjoy it, it is quite slow though. And looking at how many chapters it has… It will take a long time for this to be complete.

  2. I quite like this series even if it’s slow-paced.

    Oh ho? Going to a separate room and talking about wanting to remember what it’s like to be young ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Thanks for the chapter! I really enjoy this series. I think more than Tensei Kenja. The plot may be slow, but it has more chapters than Tensei Kenja and feels more engaging to me.

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