Ryusousha – 65

Chapter 65


Next to the Queen’s bed-chamber, there was an office for private use.

Normally, guests would not be invited there.


“Ah, that was fast.”

“Such an emergency deserved the utmost haste.”


The queen smiled as the man bowed.


“Since when did we start talking like such strangers?”

She pouted a little.


“Well… You seem to be in a fine mood today, Your Majesty.”

“You’re doing it on purpose. Thankfully, I only ever gave you one order. Remember it?”


“Of course, I do.”


“Then let’s drop the formalities. This is an order. Talk to me like you used to.”

“…I have no choice then. The years haven’t changed you at all.”


The man talked arrogantly in front of the queen.

The Left Hands that were there, looked on with wide-eyes, but the two continued as if they were the only ones in the room.


“After all, it’s the only ‘order’ I ever gave you in all my life. So you must continue to treat me as you did when we first met.”

“What if I told you that this is the reason I didn’t want to come?”


“Oh, you would have come, regardless. I know it.”

There was no doubt in her eyes, and the man was the first to surrender.


“Very well, Savane. Let’s not talk about that anymore.”

“That’s all I wanted, Harui.”


This conversation.

For those who did not understand the history, it would have looked very strange indeed.


They had once been a young girl and an assassin.

Now, they were a Queen and a baker. And yet their relationship was much the same.


“The castle hasn’t changed at all? What’s going on?”

“It may seem like that to you, but inside, things have changed a lot since you were here.”


“Half of the time, I was outside while on my way to this room. The positions of the guards were exactly the same. It would be really easy to get around them.”

“…That was certainly the case. Hmm. I think it was Kuni and Hitoku who were on guarding duty today.”


“Those two can’t sense a person’s presence. You really shouldn’t put them on guarding duty. Also…this geezer should retire already. It makes me suspicious of the quality of Shadows here.”


Harui ground his foot into the floor.

A muffled voice was heard.


Harui had been stepping on Hif’s foot ever since he arrived.


“But Hif is still top class among my Left Hands.”

“You have to be joking.”


“Hehehe… Well, I see you haven’t slowed down one bit.”

“It only seems that way because of these unworthy Left-Hands here. And you know it, don’t you?”


“What do you mean?”

“You sent that letter. You wanted to show them what your former subordinate was like.”


“Oh, I don’t know about that.”


The queen said, but Harui shook his head.

“It’s a dangerous thing to do.”


Harui was the owner of a bakery in Sol, called the ‘Fluffy Fenard.’ And he was Leon’s father.


At the same time, he was a Left Hand that had served Queen Savane since she was a child.

He had even been the leader of her Left Hands in the past.


And so Savane had sent Harui a letter before Leon went off for the military exercise.


Makoku was moving. They intended to attack the Dragon Masters while they were training.

And among the magicians that were sent, there was likely a member of the Thirteen Steps.


As the queen expected, Harui had read the letter and then visited her after being absent from the capital for three years.


“Maybe I should just kill all of your Left Hands for you? I can’t have you guarded by the likes of them.”



Kuni and Hitoku let out a voiceless scream.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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