Jack of all Trades – 260

How to Act


The town that was to be our next destination was called Reserentrible. It was an odd, long name, but it was an old town. And there was a dungeon in this town that many Adventurers had visited and few had ever returned. Of course, this was all from the mouth of Licoris Ladiaray. Management Division of the Empire’s North District.


“…Word of someone clearing the dungeon has reached the capital, yes. They say that seventy percent of the town is now gone.”

“Seventy percent? I heard that it was half…”

“It was half at first. However, the dungeon is eating away at the rest of the town. Our latest reports say that it is seventy percent.”


That seemed ridiculous. I didn’t know what happened to the person who touched the dungeon core, but things had really gotten out of hand now. However, I’m sure they had no idea about the consequences. It would have been hard to get down there and survive countless traps and monsters. And when you finally arrive in the place where the treasure is supposed to be kept…


“Are you going too, Mister Asagi?”

“Yes. Well, Daniela insisted on it very strongly.”

“I have no memory of that. Do not tell lies, Asagi.”



She had a memory that served her conveniently. If I were a doctor, I’d want to look inside.


After gaining some information about Reserentrible from Licoris, we began preparations to leave. I was in charge of buying camping supplies while Daniela took care of the food.


“Remember, buy vegetables too. And fish, if they have any. I’d also like some spices. And please don’t come back with nothing but street food.”

“I know. I know. I am not a child. I can go on simple errands without you reminding me so many times.”

“The fact that you’d even call it an errand is suspicious.”


It was procurement. Yes. It was a dangerous journey we were about to embark on, and preparations had to be made seriously if we didn’t want to die.


“Alright, I’ll go pick up the equipment we sent in for repairs and buy the rest of the stuff on my way back. We can meet at the inn at sundown.”

“Aye, understood.”

“I hope so…”


I muttered to myself as I watched her walk away. I was still quite convinced that she would spend all of her money in the street food district.


Well, there was no use standing here and worrying about that. I had my own job to do.


As my clothes had been damaged badly by Daniela’s magic in the final fight, I took them to the Solitude Clothes Shop. Thankfully, they were able to use magic and some left-over materials to repair it. As it would take a week to finish, Miss Amarilith had had to withdraw from the festivities a little early.


“Ah, there you are.”

“Hello. How are things going?”

“It took me a while, but it’s finished now. Damn it, I don’t know what you did in that fight to ruin them as you did…”



I had nothing to say on that account.


And so I accepted the clothes and then went to the changing room to make sure that it fitted well while I was wearing my ice dragon armor.


“Hmm. Everything seems good.”

“Well, no surprise there.”

“Thank you very much. Uh, how much does it all cost?”

“Two hundred.”

“But it didn’t even cost that when it was new.”

“Repairing stuff is hard work. Not only that, but it pulled me away from the festival. I’ll never know what I missed.”



Miss Amarilith was more of a businesswoman than a craftswoman. And she knew full well that our pockets were rather full at the moment. 


“…So, you are leaving then?”

“Uh, yeah. Apparently, there is a southern town called Reserentrible that, uh, has some things in store for us.”

“Oh, I’ve heard some terrible tales. You best be careful.”

“Thank you. But there isn’t much that can scare me after that final fight.”

“Haha! That’s the kind of confidence that gets people killed!”


I was well aware. Every win should make me more cautious. That was the trick to survival. Well, I didn’t actually win.


  □   □   □   □


Aside from my clothes, I picked up a heap of scrap cloth to use as bandages before leaving the store. Then it was off to a general goods store. The east district was the merchant district. There were many shops in the same area, which made things very convenient.


“Which place to go… Huh?”


As I was searching, a familiar face entered the corner of my vision. An Adventurer. The easy walk and the light armor and spear. Oh, and the meat skewer in the hand.



“…Ah, Mister Asagi.”


It was Bandi Ree. This was the first time I had met her outside of the arena.


“Are you shopping?”

“Yes. And you as well, Mister Asagi?”

“Yeah. We’re going to be leaving the city soon. Uh, how’re your injuries?”


To be honest, I was more worried about the psychological ones. It had been a little chilling watching her fight that battle fiend.


“Ah…yes. I was shaking for quite a while after that fight. But I’m fine now.”

“I feel like I was just as scared watching you…”

“Yes, she is…yes…”


Bandi seemed to remember it all as she rubbed her arm. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought it up.


“Uh, sorry for bothering you. We’ll return to the city later on, so maybe we’ll meet again.”

“Of course. Oh, and I know it’s a little late, but congratulations on being the runner up.”

“Ahaha… Yeah, I couldn’t beat Daniela… But, thanks. See you.”



We hadn’t really talked properly before, but she seemed like a nice person. I hoped that she’d make it to A-Rank eventually.


We separated and then I returned to my shopping duties. I had clean cloth. Daniela was getting the food. Yes, I was worried. But I had to buy the other traveling supplies. Thankfully, I still had the magic lanterns we got from the orcs.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. Missing word, I think:
    “Damn it, I don’t what you did in that fight to ruin them as you did”
    “Damn it, I don’t know what you did in that fight to ruin them as you did

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