Ryusousha – 62

Chapter 62


The moment I saw Shadow Claw was ineffective, I knew that I had no chance of winning.


So I was right to blow the whistle.

Though, it did pain me a little to do so.


The veteran Dragon Masters seemed to have noticed the commotion, and a group of dragons came towards me.

They’d surely deal with this swiftly.


I still couldn’t see any movement from the student’s direction.

This discrepancy was likely due to their sense of danger.


“Let’s see…two running dragons and three flying dragons.”


I moved away from the Moon Beast that I wouldn’t get in the way when the Dragon Masters arrived


“Leon? Are you alright?”


Irith was the only person to arrive from the student’s side. He was fast.

But then again, he had been staying close to his running dragon while guarding.


“I’m fine. I don’t have a scratch.”

“Hurry up and get on! We have to escape.”





Now that I think about it, I was just a normal student who hadn’t even acquired a dragon yet.


It was ridiculous to think that I could fight a Moon Beast.

I had proved it just earlier.


It was no wonder that Irith was trying to get me out of there.

“…No, I’m quite fine here.”


But I knew that it was no use.

And so I obediently put a foot on his dragon and jumped up on top of it.


“!? Le-Leon. You sure are nimble.”


“Really? More importantly, Irith. If you keep going this way, you’ll bump into the Moon Beast.”


“What! Damn it!! Alright, I’ll turn around. Hold on tight!”


Irith turned the dragon around and raised its speed.

It had not been six months since he acquired his dragon. And yet he was almost as skilled as the veterans.


And while Running Dragons weren’t as good with long distances as Flying Dragons, they were the best at short distances.

He reached top speed instantly and escaped the battlefield.




Or so we thought. But then another Moon Beast suddenly appeared in front of us. A second one.


So, there were others that lay dormant in their steel shells.

A lot of Moon Beasts must have fallen here, and some of them took their time appearing.


It was dangerous to have so many of them hidden here.


We couldn’t slow down.

Irith tried to run past the side of the Moon Beast, but luck was not on our side. And the Moon Beast grabbed the dragon’s tail.

The dragon lurched forward.




I ignored Irith’s screech as I looked behind me.

The thing that was grabbing the dragon’s tail looked like a crab’s pincer.

I didn’t want to know what would happen if it attacked us with its other pair.


I tried trowing a knife at its joint, but it just bounced off with a hard echo.

“Tsk! It’s still too hard.”


I was out of moves.


And then, a tug of war began between the Running Dragon and the Moon Beast.

For a second, I thought we might make it, but the Moon Beast was stronger.


The dragon was stopped completely, and both Irith and I were thrown to the ground.


“We have the worst luck.”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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