Jack of all Trades – 259

Our Short Time in the Capital


“Woah. This stuff is incredible.”

“Indeed. I did not dream of such a thing.”


Velnoir now hung on the right side of my belt. Daniela was looking at the Hollow Bracelet on her right arm. As the wind dragon cape might attract attention, she kept it stored in the bracelet for now. Combined, the gold added up to four thousand and five hundred pieces. Add that to the four thousand from the auction, and we had nine thousand and five hundred. While we had spent some money on Daniela’s suit of armor, the expense was hardly noticeable now.


“To be honest, we could live quite comfortably with this.”

“If we did it modestly, we could live off of it for the rest of your lifespan, Asagi.”


Of course, that’s not what I wanted. We had made a promise to travel the world.


The imperial castle was in the center of the city, and there were entrances to the north, south, east, and west districts. However, the actual entrance to the castle was on the east side. This was so they could march out with the sun, apparently. It sounded superstitious.


And so Daniela and I left through the north side and went straight towards our lodging facility. This was because we wanted to get some more rest. 

I called to Mister Hipericam when we reached the front.


“We’re back. Mister Hipericam.”

“…You sure are a considerate one.”


He said in his usual lazy voice. He lowered the book he was reading just enough so that he could peer at us over the edge.


“I’ve told you that you don’t have to tell me every time. Just take the key over there…”

“Ahaha. Well, old habits.”

“Ahh…yes-yes. So, the Imperial Sword Tournament is finished. The inns should start emptying out within a week, so you’ll have to move to one of them.”

“Oh, really? I quite like it here. It’s very comfortable.”

“That may be, but this place is for military… It’s not exactly for civilians.”


We had only been allowed to stay here because one of Mister Tames’ subordinates had given us a priority pass. Though, we were currently wearing bracelets with the same function.


“Well, I guess it can’t be helped then…”

“You. You were thinking of just staying here forever, weren’t you?”

“Why not?”



He sighed with exasperation and waved his hand for us to go. He didn’t seem to be the most passionate about his job, but I understood that it was business as usual for him, and so took the key and headed for our room.


The door opened with a loud click and the now quite familiar white room greeted us. It was currently littered with Daniela’s things… We had been quite busy recently. But we’d have to clean up if we were to leave soon.


“Asagi. Asagi.”


“Look. It is just wonderful.”



The hollow bracelet on Daniela’s wrist was sucking up all of her things from off of the floor. It was like a vacuum cleaner…


“Hey, don’t suck up your dirty clothes with everything else.”

“We can just wash it all together later.”

“You’re so careless…”


If only the Emperor could see this. He would probably be filled with remorse.


Once Daniela was finished vacuuming and the floor was quite clean, we both collapsed onto the bed. The sun was still high in the sky, but we didn’t want to move anymore. Hell, I wanted to sleep until the morning. That was how tired I was.


However, it also came to me that we had achieved everything we had set out to do in the imperial capital. So, what next? I asked Daniela about this, and she thought for a moment.


“…Indeed. Now that we have done everything, perhaps we should leave.”

“Do you have a destination in mind?”


Walking without a destination seemed very dangerous. And we didn’t have an unlimited supply of food.


“I suppose we should stay here until we decide that.”



I had been curious about ‘dungeons’ ever since Manager brought it up. But I was completely ignorant about them. Still, if there were any nearby, I might like to do a little dungeon crawling.


As I considered that possible future, the demon of sleep ambushed us, and we drifted off to the world of dreams.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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