Flower Field Demon King – 28

Chapter 28


Due to various circumstances, the cathedral was to be constructed for Moral immediately. And the time it took for its general completion, was merely two days.

This was partly thanks to Qudels using the brilliant power that was usually wasted on him. He created a blueprint based on the original church on the same day that Moral had descended.

After that, Darten began constructing it with a strength that surpassed any human…but as he was bored very easily, he soon switched to using magic. This act of cheating resulted in him finishing most of the construction work by himself.

However, it was still mostly the general construction, because Darten did not have the patience or skills to work on the finer details. And so currently, they had carpenters working on the building and making adjustments.

Ultimately, they were wiping the buttocks of an amateur, and while time had been saved, to the craftsmen, it was more trouble than it was worth.

But in spite of all that, there was now a cathedral building again. Monsters could not enter the village, which meant that in terms of safety and keeping the peace, there was nothing to do but patrol the area.

And so the extra workforce was able to be diverted to the restoration of buildings.

“…In that case, you should work to solve the food problem.”

“Eh? I believe that we brought in more than enough food. And isn’t there a lot of work left, like transporting debris?”

They had brought a lot of food with them, as they expected to spend a lot of time restoring the buildings in the village.

Not only that, but Zanatoria would be arriving soon with even more food and supplies.

In other words, this food problem should be quite low on their list of priorities.

“Oh, but the architects have been very adamant about giving you other, very important work. You are the group leader, after all.”

Apparently, the architects were not fond of the blueprint that Qudels had made the other day.

They had launched many complaints towards Adelia.

It was likely that they avoided making such complaints to him directly, because they feared Qudels as a magician who used unknown magic.

“Well, as I am leaving everything under your command, I am in no position to object, am I?”

While he said this, Qudels’s mouth was twisted and he did nothing to hide the dissatisfaction on his face.

“So, what exactly do you want me to do?”

“Indeed… You should use that magic that you always use. Make some vegetables or something. Something that can be harvested quickly and that will also lead to some kind of farming industry in the future.”

If Zanatoria were there at that moment, he would have said…that this was all very…stupid.

Unfortunately, she did not yet realize how dangerous it was to make this kind of vague suggestion to someone like Qudels.

“Ah, then how about something like this?”

Qudels took out something from his pocket. It was a red seed that was about the same size as the tip of Adelia’s fingernail.

He held the single seed in his palm and offered it to Adelia.

“What is it? I don’t believe that I’ve seen it before.”

Adelia glared at the small seed and tilted her head.

She had familiarized herself with a large variety of farm produce in her preparation to become queen, but she had no clue as to what this one was.

As she tried to recall something that would help her, Qudels said something most unexpected.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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