Two Saints – 78

You Can Come Too


Nyran approached as Maki and Chiharu stared at the sea.


“Maki. Chiharu.”

“Nyran. You guys.”

“Would you mind telling us what happened?”

“Hmm. Sure. Can it be here?”

“No, we should go to the castle for now. My father will be there. I would prefer to introduce you in an official manner.”


Father! The king! The two of them became a little excited. And so they were quietly led back to the carriage and then headed for the castle.


At first, there was some argument over whether they should rest or get changed first, but it was decided that the talks could not wait. And so they were led to King Kilian’s study. It was much larger than Arthur’s and was more like a small conference room.


“Now, people of the hunting party that is headed to the elf lands, and Saintesses. Welcome to Lowland. I am Kilian, the king of this country.”


He introduced himself for the benefit of Maki and Chiharu.


“I’m Maki.”

“I’m Chiharu.”


They introduced themselves simply.


“And this is my heir, Zolan. And this is Aaron, who has returned temporarily from the elf lands.”


Two of Nyran’s brothers were present. And just like Nyran, they had flaxen hair and hazel eyes. And while they differed in age, there was a strong resemblance in the family. Zolan’s hair was combed back, while Aaron had long, slightly curled hair. So it was easy enough to tell them apart. Both of them bowed while looking at the group curiously.


“So, under normal circumstances, a visit from the Saintesses would be a most wonderful thing. However, there are some matters that concern me.”


Kilian began. Just a moment ago he was calling them plain. Though Nyran with amusement.


“Would you please tell me why the merfolk were gathered at the beach? While they said they had no business in Lowland, they were seen by many people. And they are now restless because of it.”


Maki and Chiharu glanced at each other before saying,


“They came here because they knew we were coming. That is all.”


Maki said this and then fell silent.


“I doubt so many merfolk would gather here just to see the Saintesses. Besides, they were talking for way too long.”


Kilian said calmly. Maki was wondering how she could prevent Lowland from getting involved. She then pointed to Nyran and said,


“They do, though. Just ask Nyran.”


Kilian looked to Nyran.


“That’s true. I’ve seen it get much worse on the merfolk island.”


He said with a nod.


“Hmm. But how did they know that the Saintesses were coming? Why didn’t they go to Midland? There are still questions left unanswered.”


Kilian looked at Maki. Maki looked straight back at him. Hmm. She clearly wasn’t the type who was weak and would escape.


“Alright, then we should talk about tomorrow’s plans.”

“About that…”


While it might have been rude, Make interrupted him. Just the truth. Plainly. Everyone looked at her with surprise.


“Things have changed. We won’t go to the elf lands tomorrow. We’re going to head inland.”


Silence fell over the room. Edwy was the first to recover.


“What? What are you talking about? Maki and Chiharu. Aren’t you two going with Grudo as part of the magic stone research team?”


He said it slowly, as if he were telling the others about their purpose.


“That was the plan. But we now have a new mission as part of the magic stone research team.”


Maki said stiffly.


“Mission? That’s a strange way to put it. Maki and Chiharu. What did the merman tell you?”


Aeris asked quietly. Maki glanced at Chiharu again.


“He said that their chief went inland and has not returned.”


She answered. Kilian was the one to react.


“What! Why did he even go to a place where there is no sea!”

“He went to the Mirror Lake.”

“The Mirror Lake! Well, that place is connected to the sea. However…”


Kilian put a hand to his jaw and tilted his head.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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