Two Saints – 78


“Merfolk do as they please. Sometimes they just go somewhere and don’t come back.”

“Yes, and so it should be of great concern if even they are worried. That is what I thought.”


Maki said.


“There are many boats on the lake and also guards. The merfolk are not able to search the place by themselves.”


She continued. The others were so surprised by all of this, that they didn’t know how to reply. Finally, the first prince, Zolan, looked at Maki and said,


“You say you are going to go inland. Well, how do you intend on doing that?”

“We will ask the birdfolk to take us partway. Then we will ride a carriage.”

“So reckless. That is the kind of thing a spoiled princess would say.”


Zolan spat. Maki didn’t disagree with him. They should go to the elf lands tomorrow. Kaider and Nyran had waited for so long. And the elves wanted them to hurry. Of course, no one would appreciate this sudden change in plans.


On the other hand, the Midland party knew that Maki and Chiharu weren’t ‘spoiled princesses.’ But they also knew that it was reckless. They seemed conflicted.


However, there was no need to reply to everything. In the first place, whether the Saintesses went to the elf lands or not, it had nothing to do with Lowland. Maki glanced at Zolan, who was narrowing his eyebrows, and then she turned to the Midland group.


“I’m sorry that this is so sudden. But he saved Chiharu’s life. And they want us to search for information they can’t get in the water.”


Maki said apologetically. And then Nyran and Kaider said,


“Maki. It really is reckless.”

“For your own safety, I cannot permit it.”


That was their answer.


“Yes, it is reckless. However…”


Chiharu said in a quiet voice.


“Amia saved me when I was drowning. I don’t think I could do anything in the elf territories if I knew he was still lost.”

“Then we should return to Midland and ask for father’s help. Maki and Chiharu. You two don’t know anything about this world yet. You won’t be able to find anything.”


Edwy said as if pleading. Chiharu shook her head.


“They wanted the Saintesses to do it.”

“I will go with you.”


Aeris declared.


“No. You stick out too much, Aeris.”

“However, I do not want to worry about you being so far away again.”

“Aeris, we’re not going to disappear. And we know where we are going.”


Chiharu said to him.


“You all have to go to the elf lands. It’s your job. Nothing should get in your way. But…”


She said as she raised her head a little. Then she continued in a clear voice,


“If you would like to guard the Saintesses from the shadows, I won’t stop you.”

“What arrogance…”


Zolan muttered. While everyone was speechless, one voice could be heard laughing.


“I like them. They know they lack strength, and so they are prepared to rely on others. I will go.”


It was the fourth prince.

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  1. Is it just me, or does Zolan sound kind of like the Inlander royalty who were trash talking the Saintesses at the start of the story?

    Show some respect boy, your world would end without the Saintesses and you only have them by the grace of whatever god or gods allow the summoning.

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