Two Saints – 90

Surprisingly Tough


Once the flow of customers started to die down, Maki and Chiharu talked about all the mistakes they had made.


“First, maybe you shouldn’t have handed him the change like you would in Japan?”


Chiharu pointed out.


“But, I couldn’t exactly throw it into his hand.”

“That’s true. But you didn’t have to hold his hand like that.”


Chiharu said as she took Maki’s hand and pretended to put change into it.


“This isn’t a convenience store. I mean, the girls seemed happy. Even older women seemed happy. Now that I think about it, even the older men were happy.”

“Ohhh. I just cannot help that I’m an expert at customer service.”

“You might want to tone it down. It’s important that we don’t stick out.”


This time, Chiharu didn’t stick out at all. It was because people thought that she was a child who was too young to be interested in anyone. It was a rather comfortable feeling.


“Also, you really need to stop shouting ‘Rasche!’ every time you see someone that looks dog-like. That guy wasn’t even the right color.”

“Uhhh. But, didn’t he look like a younger Zynis who had turned into a human?”

“He did! I got a good look at him while you two were getting busy!”


Chiharu said dreamily.


“It was like if you took Zynis’s kind eyes and made them sharper. Same with the jawline. Add some youth and irony as well. If only he had some dog ears.”

“You sure studied him, Chiharu.”


Maki was impressed.


“Stories are more enjoyable when you get to watch instead of having to be the protagonist.”

“That’s true.”


Chiharu knew this after being abducted several times.


“What are you talking about?”

“Ed! And Aaron.”


The two of them had returned from selling oranges.


“We were talking about how trouble sucks when it happens to you, but it’s fun for everyone else to watch.”

“You’re terrible.”


Chiharu and Maki said and then burst into laughter. However, Edwy looked at them seriously.


“You must be talking about that ash-colored youth. What happened!”

“Ed. Be careful. This is not the place to talk about it. We should return to the inn once.”


Aaron also looked serious. Maki and Chiharu stopped smiling and nodded. And with that, they decided to return to the inn earlier than scheduled.


As it was still too early for dinner, the four of them gathered in the room together. Maki had been quiet up until now. She sat down on the bed and then asked them the question. Chiharu sat next to her and looked at Edwy.


“So, what about that guy with ash-colored hair?”

“Yes. I know him.”

“And you, Aaron?”

“I don’t know him directly. Not me.”


There seemed to be a hidden meaning there. If not him, then who?


“I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I just wasn’t expecting to see him. So I needed some time to recover.”


Edwy sighed and then sat down in the chair. It was rare to see Edwy like this.


“Maki. Did that ash-haired man look like anyone to you?”

“Huh? Me and Chiharu thought he looked like a young Zynis. But surely…”

“Yes. He’s Zynis’s son. His name is Dilon.”


Maki and Chiharu looked at each other.


“Ah, so that’s why they look so similar.”

“So that’s why he’s so handsome.”



Edwy asked. But they ignored him.


“Wait, but he didn’t have the ears?”


Chiharu said. Edwy’s reply was most surprising.


“Ah, he must be using a special form. He has turned completely human. Apparently, it’s quite difficult to do, and I’ve never seen it done before.”

“A special form!”


What a fantastical idea. Chiharu said excitedly. No. No. This was no time for that.


“But isn’t it strange that a beastman came all the way here, and is even doing it in disguise?”

“That’s why I was surprised. However, they weren’t trying to hide from us either. They were acting quite boldly. Whatever it is, I don’t think it is something that would be bad for Midland.”




Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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  1. “I mean, the girls seemed happy. Even older women seemed happy. Now that I think about it, even the older men were happy.”
    That last one though…

    Thank you for translating this! ^_^

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