Two Saints – 90


“If anything, we look more suspicious.”

“Well, I’m sure they’ll at least want to know what we are doing. I suspect that they will try to contact us.”


Edwy sunk even deeper into his chair as he said this.


“The problem is knowing how much to tell them.”



As Aaron and Edwy talked, Maki asked them with a puzzled expression.


“Why not tell them everything? We’re allies, right?”

“If they knew that we brought the Saintesses to such a dangerous place, do you think you would be able to continue to move so freely?”

“Oh, I see.”

“Dilon is quite stubborn. It wouldn’t be so bad if Ortha was here too.”


Who’s Ortha? Maki and Chiharu seemed to say. And so Edwy explained.


“Ortha is Zynis’s daughter and Dilon’s older sister. She is a lot more accommodating.”

“I see.”


Maki and Chiharu nodded. And then Aaron said,


“We don’t need to tell them everything. Especially the part about these two being Saintesses.”

“Yes. We’ll figure the rest out as we go along.”


The four of them nodded and decided to meet at the dining hall after they prepared.


Maki arrived first and sat at the counter, where she began to talk with some of the staff. Almost every inn had a bar, and many people from around town were present. After a while, the doors opened and the young man with ash-colored hair came in with another young man.


Everyone’s eyes turned towards them at first, but they quickly lost interest. However, the man with gray hair looked straight at Maki.


“Ah, it’s you.”

“Oh, from the market. What do you want?”


Maki said casually. The man scratched his head for a moment and thought.


“You. Where’s your…uh, older brother?”

“Huh? Oh. I’ll go and call him then.”



Maki slid off her chair and ran up the stairs to the second floor.


“Oh? Have you made new outsider friends then?”


As the two sat down at a table for four, the waiter talked to them. While he was teasing them, it wasn’t malicious.


“Well, meeting them in Highland is quite a coincidence. I thought we could trade business information.”

“Of course. If I knew you guys were coming, I would have told all the women in the town.”

“Please don’t. I enjoy their company, but not when there are so many.”

“You poor thing.”


The rest of the customers laughed when they heard this. It didn’t take long for the others to come down from the second floor.


“Let’s go to a table where all six of us can sit down.”


The one selling the scales said. But Maki stopped them.


“It’s fine. Chouze and I will eat at the counter.”

“That would be best.”


Aaron agreed. And so Maki and Chiharu nodded and moved to the counter, where their feet dangled above the floor.


Dilon and Corete admired how well-mannered the children were as they turned back to Edwy and Aaron.


“So, it is you, Edwy.”

“It’s you. Dilon.”


They seemed relieved now that they were certain. They ordered their dinner and finished their introduction before the ale arrived. It was a calm atmosphere.


“They sure are good-looking.”

“My eyes are blessed.”

“The one that’s not Dilon looks more like Rasche in color.”

“Chiharu, weren’t you the one who just told me to stop doing that?”

“Oh, right.”


As they giggled, someone called to them from the other side of the counter.


“You two seem to be enjoying yourselves.”

“Just look at them at that table. Aren’t they all handsome?”

“I suppose. But they’re still just men. No matter how good-looking.”


The man said with a shrug as he poured himself another cup of ale.


“More importantly, this place is about to be filled with a lot more drunks.”

“Got it. Chouze, let’s go back to our room.”



They got off of their chairs and headed to the table.


“Ah, Norfe, and Chouze. You should go and get some sleep. We might be going out after this.”



They nodded at Aaron and then went upstairs.


“What good kids.”

“Uh, yeah. Though, they can be tough.”

“I see.”


Aaron and Edwy had strange expressions, which puzzled Dilon and Corete. They would soon find out what they meant by that.

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    • Current possible ship :
      Maki x Kaider
      Maki x Aaron ??
      Maki x Dilon

      Chiharu x Aeris
      Chiharu x Nyran
      Chiharu x Edwy

      i guess that’s all.

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