Makai Hongi – 25

Chapter 25


Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country was very small.


It was small in size. Like a cat’s forehead.

It was also lacking personnel. There were only three Generals and as for my direct superior, Corps Commander Nehyor, his subordinates were not very impressive.


(It was amazing that there were goblins among the Commanders.)


The Gob-gob brothers and Bian the Flying Eagle.

None of them were fit for combat.


As for Lobos the Wise Wolf, he was decent. But Wise Wolves ranked quite low among the monsters overall. They were not particularly strong.


It made me wonder what the other Corps Commanders were like. Up until now, I hadn’t had an opportunity to find out. But we would probably meet on some battlefield eventually. I hoped they wouldn’t disappoint me.


Now, as for this very weak country ruled by Lesser Demon King Melvis, compared to the rest of this ‘post-apocalyptic’ world, it was rather exceptionally quiet.


The reason was our king.

Lesser Demon King Melvis had once been a Great Demon King who fought alongside Lesser High King Yamato.


Due to this past glory, other countries avoided antagonizing his country.


And so my ancestors greatly benefited from this grace, and they lived peacefully for many generations.


Perhaps they believed their lives were too boring, but that was beside the point.

The problem was the current Demon World.


I had not seen it myself, but apparently, there was an invasion from the Celestial World.

It was in a country far to the north. Demon King Barododo’s country. An angel had appeared.


Demon King Barododo gladly attacked.

After all, in order for the Celestial World to attack the Demon World, a hole had to be opened.


They had to forcefully open a gate to a world that was normally closed off to them.

That required immense power. This opened hole—the Celestial Hole…the laws of the world would try to close it.


And so you only had a limited amount of time to launch an invasion.

The Celestial Hole was said to open only once every hundred or three hundred years. And so it was not something that the residents of the Demon World wanted to miss.


But things were different this time.

Demon King Barododo was killed and his country was destroyed. And without a successor taking his place, his lands were divided into several smaller countries.


Currently, a bloody war was being fought over the lands.

Now, the important thing here was ‘how long the Celestial Hole would be open.’


Going by past occurrences, once a hole had opened, it would be followed by a second, third and fourth.


—So, where would the next one appear?


Makai Hongi

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