Makai Hongi – 25


The Demon World was trembling with fear.

After all, the hole had been opened up by someone strong enough to kill a Demon King.


While they had the advantage of fighting in the Demon World, there was still a great possibility that they would lose.

And angels were merciless when hunting residents of the Demon World.


Well, that was their aim in coming here. So it was no wonder they had no mercy.


“…Magic stone…huh.”


The Orbs of Control that was inside of all of us were important research materials for them.

Apparently, they used it for energy.


Allow me to illustrate.


“Hey, I went hunting today and would like to sell these magic stones.”

“Ah…this one is quite big.”


“Of course, it is. It’s from a Demon King. I expect to be paid a good price for it.”

“I see… Ah, since you have contributed enough, it is possible for you to rank up now.”


Such conversations were likely had in the Celestial World.

…Well, that was how I imagined it. But apparently, it wasn’t quite true.


Everyone in the Celestial World was a researcher, and they needed the magic stones for their research.

While they all had ridiculous amounts of magic energy, magic stones could not be made in their world, so every once in a while, they spent a fortune on these expeditions in order to gather stones from the Demon World.


This was all told to me by a fallen one.

Apparently he had done nothing but research every day and lived a life without greed. It was unbearable, and so he fell from the heavens.


He was currently living very happily in the Demon World.


In any case, what I’m trying to say is this, as there had been one invasion from the Celestial World, there would soon be another.

And in order to defeat them, Great Demon Kings and Demon Kings needed to increase their strength and expand their territories. And so they were putting pressure on their neighbors.


The Lesser Demon Kings rebelled by joining forces. And like that, they too expanded their lands in an attempt to fight back against the Demon Kings and Great Demon Kings.


Ah! It really was the end of days!

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