Ryusousha – 29

Chapter 29


This lady. She was pretty fast on her feet, being a Right Foot and all.

She hadn’t erased her presence, and I could feel that she was approaching.


However, I had been sure that she wouldn’t arrive in time. But she surprised me and did just that.

While she didn’t seem very strong in combat, this was an impressive skill as well. Really.


“She is one of us, after all. Can you put away that sword?”


She was talking calmly as if to not anger me. Maybe this was how she usually acted?

If anything, the mysterious person I met previously seemed less natural.


“Look here, I was attacked during a mission. I suppose you’re the type who thinks we should sit down and have a talk?”

“I’m the type who would run away at full speed.”


“So you understand, then? I’m Her Majesty’s Right Hand, and I won’t show any mercy to those who interfere with my mission.”


“You are not wrong. However, you did give them one chance, earlier. Why don’t you show her a little of that mercy now?”

She had been far away, but she knew? This one was dangerous.


“If she doesn’t want to die, she should have fallen to the ground and asked for forgiveness when she had the chance. I’m not so merciful as to give people multiple opportunities.”


Besides, she would hold a grudge against me. It was safer to kill her now.


“Well, I will have to report this to Her Majesty.”

“Go ahead. I mean, of course you are. It’s a report.”


“Oh, that’s true.”

It was unthinkable to not make a report.


“It’s settled then. And I must warn you, but if you get in my way, your head will fly too.”

I said as I turned back to Foul Eater.


She must have understood, because she kept very still. Or maybe she just couldn’t move.

I had every intention of cutting her throat open at the merest suggestion of movement.


“Very well. What about this? How about we start again?”


“Start again?”

What did she mean? I didn’t understand.


“It’s evident that there is a difference in strength here. However, with the current situation, my report will say that you murdered a defenseless person.”


“But, you saw that they were attacking me.”


“Oh, I was very, very far away, you know. Besides, you are someone that Her Majesty offered complete absolution. Surely you are strong enough to win again? Am I wrong?”



What was she trying to do?

Even if we fought again, this Foul Eater didn’t have a chance of winning.


“What do you say, ‘Shadow Crosser’?”

“Fine. The results won’t change though.”


I withdrew my sword and took a few steps back.

I already knew Foul Eater’s fighting style.

It didn’t matter if she had some hidden trick. I could deal with it.


As I watched, Foul Eater got up on unstable feet.

She looked at me and then the lady.


“Well, then. Begin.”


The fight started. My right hand tightly gripped my sword. But…




Before I knew it, Foul Eater was bowing with her head on the ground.

What did this mean?


“Apparently, there will be no rematch.”

“You’re joking…”


“And so you win by default, Shadow Crosser.”

“You tricked me.”


“No. I just suggested a rematch, that’s all.”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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