Ryusousha – 28

Chapter 28


The people that appeared in front of me were ‘Foul Eater’ and Thousand Needles.’

They were Her Majesty’s Right Hands. Well, according to them, anyway.


That’s when I remembered it. It was ‘Beheader’ who had fallen.

Beheader… I wouldn’t forget it again.


“Uh, so you’re the failures that were removed from the mission, right? What are you doing here?”

I had only meant to be friendly, but their glares became angrier.


I could see it now.

They would want to fight and show me who had the upper hand here.

In that case, I would…


“…Ah, that was a close one.”

A needle had come flying towards me.


“Nicely dodged. But you should have just yielded. It would have been a painless death.”

Came a raspy voice. The person seemed quite elderly.


“That’s an abrupt way to greet someone. What’s the meaning of this? You failed your mission. I succeeded. I think it’s pretty clear who is the more capable here.”


“Hehehehe… Don’t be foolish. The enemy escaped because of our arrival. On the other hand, they ran right into you. Don’t you see the difference? Cretin.”


Hmm. He seemed awfully confident and self-important.


Still, I was able to dodge the needle without warning.

How did he expect to kill me?


“Jokes aside, if you apologize now, I will just break both of your legs. Merciful, am I not? But if you try to run or fight us…”


I’ll kill them.


Foul Eater took half a step back. Perhaps I finally looked serious.

On the other hand, Thousand Needles moved closer.


Yes, they were going to attack me. In that case, it was decided. They would be eliminated.

This wasn’t the kind of gentle world where you could laugh and ignore someone who showed hostility to you multiple times.

We were all Right Hands. And I gave them a warning. So I felt that I had fulfilled my duty.


They were coming to kill me. I would not forgive them for that.




I had thought there was something strange about the shape of Thousand Needles’ black clothes, and it turned out that there were lots of needles hidden inside.

He flapped one side, and dozens, no, hundreds of needles were unleashed in my direction.


Of course, I wasn’t so kind a person as to let them hit me.

I melted into the shadows as the needles shot passed me.


“Hello. And goodbye.”


I said as I used one hand to cover Thousand Needles’ mouth and the other to run a dagger across his neck.


Blood spurted out like a fountain. Foul Eater looked surprised, but then immediately opened their mouth wide.


This Foul Eater, they had false teeth that were made of metal and looked very sharp.

Judging by the name, I could easily imagine them biting people with those.


“Bastard! You killed Thousand Needles!”


The angry voice was clearly a woman’s.

And quite young as well.


“I’ll tear you apart!”


Ah, here we go again. As I sighed, Foul Eater closed in.


Her weapon was probably the false teeth in her mouth. Well, false fangs, perhaps.

It didn’t seem like she would be capable of anything but close-quarters combat.


I thought she would start biting immediately, but I was wrong.

She used her arms and legs skillfully and attacked with hand-to-hand combat.

This was rather surprising.


Right hand, left hand and sometimes both feet. She moved in order to push me back.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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