Ryusousha – 49

Chapter 49


The day of the gathering arrived as soon as it was June.


My roommate, Ark, was strangely excited.

But did he have to strike so many poses while standing in front of the mirror?


“What’s gotten into you?”

“I want to find a Patron who will agree to let me join a dragon corps in the countryside.”


Patrons had a tendency of calling Dragon Masters to the towns that they lived in.

So this was no surprise.


Ark wanted to work close to his home, so their wishes would likely go against each other.

He would need to meet as many people as possible in order to find someone with the right conditions.


“Wouldn’t that really limit your choices in Patrons?”

Someone that would come to Ark’s town, Hyuler.

I wondered how hard it would be to find such a person.


“Well, that’s why these opportunities are very important.”

He was a very optimistic person.


“I’m going to stop by the store, so you go on ahead.”

“Alright. See you there.”


Ark seemed to be in good spirits as he left.

“…I don’t know how he does it.”


It was clear to see that he had a set goal and wanted to be a Dragon Master.

He was the complete opposite of me.


The gathering was today. Linda had said that 300 people had been chosen through a lottery.

Quite a few of them may turn out to be Patrons. Ark would be very busy.


I got changed, went downstairs, and checked the store before leaving.


“Good morning, Christan.”

“Ah, Leon. What are you doing here? Don’t you have a gathering to attend? Everyone has already left.”


“I won’t have anything to do if I go early. It’s fine as long as I arrive when it starts.”

“I see that you’re still not very enthusiastic about it all. Do you hate searching for a Patron so much?”


My enthusiasm was reserved for the bakery.


“I wouldn’t say that.”

It didn’t seem like the kind of thing you should openly admit to.

After all, I had a feeling he would then insist on finding one for me.


“Well, don’t worry. If it comes down to it, Her Majesty will intercede. …By the way, I have a message.”


“Hmm? What?”

“To you, from Her Majesty. Some information leaked from a Makoku Right Ear. There appears to be a plot to attack the students of this school.”


Her Majesty’s Right Ears were a special organization. I and the other Shadows had no idea who was a Right Ear.

They were people who infiltrated their given area completely and sent no regular communications.


As for the Right Ears who were stationed in Makoku, they were expected to live out the rest of their lives there, as they had for generations.

Many would never even step foot into Ryukoku.


They blended in with the citizens and gathered information. That was all.

All on the off chance that the information might be of use one day.

That was the only thing on their mind as they worked.


“Information from a Right Ear? That’s rare.”

“Indeed. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but they seem to have come across this information by accident. They say that this plot is slowly starting to be put into motion.”


“So it hasn’t started yet?”

“So it seems. But they are targeting the students of the Academy. And so I was told to let you know about it.”


“Thank you. But there isn’t really anything I can do with just that.”

“True. But I think that it is fine for you to just be aware of it now. Even Her Majesty said that it wasn’t urgent.”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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