Ryusousha – 49


“Got it. …Well, I better go then.”

“Aye, go enjoy yourself. And come back thoroughly mobbed.”


I waved at my smiling brother in law and then left the dormitory.


The gathering was held in the same lecture hall as the opening ceremony.

It was probably because they didn’t have that many buildings that could hold hundreds of people.


When I went inside, I saw that it was already quite crowded.

Immediately, a number of female students set their eyes on me and started to come my way, but then the music started to play before they could reach me.


“Seems like it just started.”


It was a good thing I didn’t come a moment earlier.

Us First-Years were to be lined up on the stage. We were being exhibited. Huh.


Linda had said that there would be about 300 people, and it seemed like she was right.

It wasn’t the kind of event that someone would cancel on the last day, I suppose.


There was a host who gave a boring speech and we had to introduce ourselves. After that, we were assigned to different tables.


There were eight tables in all.

And so 3 or 4 of us were sent to each one.


“Hello, I…”

The students began to greet the others.


Upon closer inspection, the men were all handsome and the women were all beautiful.

As a rather plain fellow myself, I felt awkward.

I wanted to go and bake some bread.


“That’s amazing.”

A female student said as she looked at my Dragon Mark. As it was on my left hand, it easily caught people’s attention.


“Yeah, it really sticks out.”


I had to hide it with leather gloves when I went out into town.

It would be even worse if it was seen while I worked as Her Majesty’s Right Hand. And so I had recently been making a habit of covering it at all times.


“But that’s not a bad thing. I think it looks very dashing.”


It didn’t feel bad to be complemented, but then again, there were more than a few handsome men there that deserved it more.


After all, I wasn’t really being complimented, it was just the Dragon Mark.

Well, maybe they were all too aware of that, and this was the only compliment they could think of.


As such self-deprecating thoughts filled my head, a bell was rung, and the students had to switch tables.

Everyone started to move with practiced precision.


“Really? We have to keep doing this?”

I had meant to make my escape quickly, and so this was unexpected.


I was sure that there were some here who had already chosen a Patron. What were they doing now?


I looked around and saw that a few people were missing. That meant we were allowed to leave.

And so I made use of the crowded confusion and left the table.

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  1. I have feeling at the attack by Makoku Linda will conveniently get dragged into it, saved by Leon, then because of the circumstance she’ll finally become his patron..

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter!

  2. The (what you might call as the) “harem” (or maybe not) are being introduced and inserted to the story flow very subtly. In which the girls might get more interactive with mc and will take deep roots in the story.

    • It also makes me wonder which of them are going to make it into the running for the harem?
      Cause there are quite a few ladies that feel like they’ve already been friendzoned, and there are a few that he seem interested in, but don’t have the cash to patron him.
      And of course there are the front runners who both seem romantic and have the cash to patron him.

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