Ryusousha – 50

Chapter 50


I erased my presence and tried to walk without going against the flow of people.


As there were some people using this opportunity to go to the bathroom, I followed them closely as they left the lecture hall.


“Now, what should I do? It would look pretty bad if I left right now.”

There was only one way to leave the building.


That meant I would have to kill time somewhere. A place in the Royal Academy where I could kill some time…


I rushed to the roof terrace where I had first met Linda.


“Damn it, why does this happen?”


As I headed for the stairs, I bumped into two of my classmates.

They had also escaped from the gathering.


“Where are you going, Leon?”

“There’s a roof terrace up ahead. I was going to take a break over there.”


“Is that right? I didn’t know that. …Can we go with you?”

I preferred to be alone, but it seemed childish to refuse.


“Fine. But I’m just taking a short rest.”

And so I took them with me as I made my way to the roof.


The two who followed me were Baran Hollan and Suni Ebul.


Baran was from this city and had already chosen a merchant friend as a Patron.

And so there was no point in him being here.


As for Suni…

“It’s been decided that I am to return home after graduation. And then I will marry into a noble family.”

She said with downcast eyes.


“I see. Your marriage has already been decided.”

“It’s a very small town.”


I suppose the rumors had spread about her Dragon Mark.

And so negotiations for her hand in marriage were made quickly before she even arrived at the academy.


The lord typically forbade anyone from making unnecessary contact with those who had the Dragon Mark appear on them. This was out of respect for the will of the Dragon Master, before they were sent to the academy.


However, they would still have to visit the mansion to learn the minimum knowledge that was required.

In that case, it would be quite natural for them to meet by accident, and for romance to bloom.



Regardless, Baran and Suni had Patron candidates.

However, I did not. And I wasn’t searching for one.


And so I was someone who shouldn’t have escaped the gathering.

I was just indulging Linda and her wishes.


The three of us reached the roof.

It was very open and spacious.


“No one is here.”

Suni said with a sigh of relief.


“The other students should be in their classrooms now. They have to do that in order to stop them from going to watch the gathering.”


I see. As he was from here, Baran knew a lot about the school.


“Alright, let’s just relax here.”

Perhaps it was a good thing to get to know my classmates a little better.


We sat down at a table and started to talk about the school, the Dragon Mark and what we thought about Dragon Masters.

Unlike Ark, we only had a general knowledge about these subjects, and so we had a lot of questions that led to other questions.


There was also meaningless gossip about the other students. But it was nice to spend time like this once in a while.

However, our gathering was interrupted by an unexpected visitor.


“Do you mind if I join you?”


A female student approached.


I assumed she was another person who had escaped the lecture hall, and so I consented. But Baran suddenly seemed strange.


“Are you not going to the lecture hall?”


She asked calmly. There was an air of sophistication about her. She was likely older than me.

Well, we were two boys and two girls now, I thought. Baran now seemed very troubled.


“Excuse me, but I suppose you’re not a participant in the gathering?”

“Oh? What makes you think that?”



I had assumed she was. Was I wrong?


“I was born and raised here.”



Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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