Ryusousha – 48

Chapter 48


“I am quite sure that I asked you to send me a letter.”


We were in a private room in a luxurious restaurant with stone walls.

The person who was currently sitting in front of me with an intimidating smile, was Linda Lucena. A first-year from the Royal Academy.


She was my childhood friend. I thought that I knew her.

But the way she was smiling now. I had never seen her like this before.


We had reunited by accident on the roof terrace during the opening ceremony.

That was when Linda had asked me to send her a letter.


It had completely escaped my mind.


I was supposed to send a letter to the Royal Academy.

If it went through the school, Linda would be able to reply to me. That was their system.


And the school would ensure that her reply was delivered to me.

If you didn’t follow this process, your letter would be ignored. Linda had gone out of her way to tell me all of this.


Once she had lost patience, Linda had ordered some flowers and had them sent to me. As flowers did not require a reply, they were allowed to send them.


“Hah… You should have seen my face when they arrived.”


Of course, it was Siluru who delivered them.

And when she handed them over, she whispered to me, ‘She was very upset. What did you do?’


The message card only had her name on it. Such were the rules.

I’m quite sure that I turned completely pale when I saw Linda’s name on the card.


Linda was prickly and angry for a while, but then she seemed to realize that she wasn’t getting anywhere, and so she finally broached the subject.


“About the gathering next month…I, I won’t be able to attend.”



What was that?


“You don’t know?”

“I’m quite busy…”


“You’re exhausting. Well, perhaps that’s a good thing for me.”


According to Linda, the students of the Royal Academy and the Dragon Academy had gatherings where they met five times a year.

Five times seemed excessive to me.


Not only that, but only the First-Years of the Dragon Academy would attend. So that was 27 people.

The Second-Years were too busy with their training. They definitely couldn’t attend such an event five times a year.


“Why can’t you attend?”


“Because out of all the students in the school that want to attend, only 300 are selected. You do realize there are about 1,500 of us? And a lot of people want to go. And I didn’t win the lottery.”


She said ‘only 300,’ but that was more than ten times as many people as us First-Years.

Was this going to be something similar to that tea party? I would hate that.


Perhaps this appeared on my face, because Linda smiled with satisfaction and moved closer to me.

“So, I won’t be able to…attend the gathering. But I want you to leave as soon as you finish the initial greeting.”


If you wanted to choose a Patron, these tea parties and gatherings were important in getting your name out there. And so many people preferred to attend.


However, as Linda would not be able to get in, she did not want me to get close to any of the other students.

Had she always been this way? I don’t remember… Oh, now she was glaring at me.


I didn’t want to be hunted down either.

However, Linda was being a lot bolder than the last time I met her.


“You seem puzzled.”



Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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