Ryusousha – 48


“Yes. Oh, well. I didn’t really mean to put myself out as a Patron candidate anyway.”

Indeed. She had said so during the meeting on the terrace.

And so she had not been downstairs with the others.


“But, you know how daddy can be. He’s very enthusiastic about it.”


I didn’t need to ask.

All of the names and birthplaces of the First-Years had already spread throughout the city.


It didn’t matter if you didn’t want it to spread, it just did.


And of course, it was unlikely that Linda’s father had forgotten me.

I was quite sure that he did remember.


If he recognized the name and birthplace, he would have investigated the matter immediately.

He might even have sent someone to my parents’ house.


Regardless, he would be sure of it by now.


“Of course, I wouldn’t mind being a Patron if it was you. But really, his eyes are completely wild when he asks me about you. How close did I get… He’s so stupid.”


She looked away and began muttering to herself.


“He even increased my allowance all of a sudden. ‘Go and eat something delicious. Find out what he likes. Send gifts…’ As if I could even do that.”


Linda’s voice was full of resentment as she continued to complain.

But it was true. That kind of excessive wooing was forbidden.


“So, that’s why you don’t want me to participate in the gathering?”


“No, that’s my personal decision. Well, I think information from the first gathering will spread everywhere from the participants. They’ll talk about which people seemed to get close, for instance.”




“After all, you students rarely leave the academy. People are really interested.”

“I see.”


When I first entered, I was told that I could go out during lunch. And the First-Years that were naive enough to believe it, went out in their uniforms. I could only imagine what feelings they harbored upon their return.


Some of them came back looking very disheveled, and most never left the gates again.

But it was because of those sacrifices that the other students learned to wear their own clothes when leaving.


We were all very thankful for their sacrifice.


After all, they would have eventually started going to the center of the Royal Capital.

It was a good thing they learned early. However, some lost all interest in the outside world before that.


“Alright then. I never wanted to attend those kinds of events anyway.”

“I see. That’s good. Now, order whatever you like. It’s on me.”


“Ah, I’ve had plenty already.”

Linda was suddenly in a very good mood. I couldn’t help but chuckle.


Five gatherings… The fact that this was part of our curriculum showed how serious Ryukoku was.


They did not want us to drift off to the other countries.


“But, five times….”


I just wanted to live quietly…  It made me want to cry.

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  1. I don’t know why he doesn’t just ask Linda and her family to be his Patron? He’s going to have to get one anyways and he already knows Linda and her family. If he keeps putting it off, the Queen might just force a Patron on him and he might not get along with them or the other Shadows will hate him even more because of the Queen’s perceived favoritism of Leon and that could get in the way of his work.

    • Marriage and responsibility. I think the queen will end up low key be his patron… i also have a wild theory that he is the prince of the country. But dont go listening to crazy ole me.

      • I feel like Leon is the half-brother of the two princesses. Like his father had two daughters with the queen which is why nobody really knows the king consort other than what the queen claims and also why he never appears or does anything and then later he met his current wife at the bakery who gave birth to Leon and his sister.

  2. I guess some part of him dreams of being able to patron himself via his baking, but seeing the semi-harem that seems to be popping up around him….my bet is that a selection of waifus will fight for the right to patron him.

    plus if the queen tells him to go with a patron as an undercover mission, then that is the patron he will pick.

    Thanks for the chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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