Ryusousha – 47

Chapter 47


Instructor Jinis was the chief instructor for practical training every year.


There were several other instructors that worked in rotation under him.

He had been working here for over five years already.


As for his hobby, it was riding on his dragon. His job.


Us First-Years were able to watch the Second-Years train for several days.


Many had been stunned at first, but after a while, they stopped shrinking back and running away immediately when a dragon came near. By the end, they were able to return to their old selves and fool around while a dragon was right next to them.

Familiarity was scary. Besides, fooling around like that was still dangerous.


As for the smaller dragons, if they crashed into you, it could easily result in your bones being broken. If they stepped on your foot, it would get crushed completely.


In other words, we should be fully aware of the dangers of dragons before getting so accustomed to them. That was what Instructor Jinis taught us.


“So, it seems that you are finally used to seeing the dragons now, fledglings.”

“Yes, I’m fine now.”


One of the students answered.


“I am glad to hear that.”


“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”


Everyone except for me shouted.

This was weird.


“Are you really not scared?”


“We’re not scared!!”

“We’re not scared!!”

“We’re not scared!!”


Did they not see it?

Where this was going…


“Alright, fledglings. That means you must be perfectly fine with moving on to the next step. Now get on.”

This wasn’t just about showing us dragons so we could become familiar with them. It was also for the benefit of the Second-Years as well.


In other words, they were going to train by having us ride with them.

Of course, this would be their first time riding the dragons with a passenger.


What this meant was…


“A human sacrifice.”

Look, they are going to have to carry people with them eventually, so we’re going to use you students as training tools.




My classmates suddenly realized the danger they were in.


“Bah. Even if you do fall off, there is a good chance that you won’t die. So don’t worry.”



“Um, Instructor.”

“What? Ah, Leon. If you have a question, let’s hear it.”


“What are the chances of us being injured if we fall off of the dragon’s back?”

“You think it’s possible to fall off without being injured?”


He looked at me with a puzzled expression. So, we were sure to get hurt then.


While it would be tight, a small dragon could carry six to seven people.

Obviously, it was going to be dangerous when it moved quickly, and the people riding would be nervous the whole time.


And so for safety reasons, it was decided that each Dragon Master would be assigned just one passenger.


It wasn’t enough added weight to really affect the dragon.

In other words, it would be able to go incredibly fast.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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