Ryusousha – 2

Chapter 2



My name is Leon Fenard. I have finally turned 17.


On April of last year, I entered the ‘Dragon Academy’ in order to learn to become a Ryusousha(dragon operator).


Not only that.

I also finished the five ‘meetings’ they had with the Royal Academy. I really did do my best. Not really. I ran away from half of them.


It’s already been 9 months since I started.

It was now January 7th.


-The day of the dragon welcoming ceremony.


The ceremony began, which meant important people making boring speeches… I mean, important speeches that I was thankful to listen to.

We were currently in the colosseum within the royal capital.


Us first-years were the guests of honor, and the students of the Royal Academy were sitting in the spectator seats.

There were also many other people who had come in order to see the dragon welcoming ceremony.


In order to receive a dragon, it was necessary to go to the Dragon Valley, where the Holy Dragon Gate was located.

However, only a few dragons and those with the dragon mark were allowed into the valley during this time.


This was because it was said that the dragons that came out of the holy gate would be confused, or that the other dragons would be jealous.

And so only those that were to gain a dragon went into the valley one by one.


Like that, the names of my classmates were called, and then they came back with their dragons.

And then it was my turn.


I rode on a dragon that was controlled by a second-year student called Marty Gil, and I headed into the Dragon Valley.


While I swayed on top of the dragon’s back, I recalled an old memory…a conversation I had had with my father.


Back then, I had wanted to be a baker.

Well, I still hadn’t given up on that dream.


“Leon. What are you thinking about?”

Marty asked me.


“You can tell?”

I was surprised. Because I was sitting behind Marty.


“I could feel it from behind. Are you worried about getting a dragon?”

“No… At least, I don’t think that I am. But, what made you think that?”


“Well, I was pretty worried last year. So I thought maybe you were too.”

“What I was thinking about…was how far I’ve come… I suppose…”


“What is that?”

Marty said with a laugh.


“I’ve told you about my dream before, haven’t I?”

“Something about opening a small bakery in town?”


“Yes. But after the dragon mark appeared on my left hand, things have been…”

“And before you knew it, you’re here, during the dragon welcoming ceremony.”


“Yeah. Something like that.”

I was shocked that I was here now.


“But the patrons are back in the colosseum. And we’re headed for the Dragon Valley. You can’t back down now, in case you were wondering.”


“I know. And even if I did run…well, you know.”


“Yeah, I do.”

I looked at the back of my left hand.

The mark was turning red.

It was just a normal mark one month ago.

But now it was brighter as if it could not wait.


“We’re almost there. I’m going to slow down now.”

“Yes. Thank you.”


Marty’s running dragon was very fast.

The Dragon Valley was 20 kilometers away from the colosseum, and yet we reached it in about 20 minutes.


“This is the entrance to the Dragon Valley. It’s just one straight path to the Holy Dragon Gate. As I have the dragon mark, I cannot go in. You must go alone.”


“I understand. Thank you for bringing me here.”

“Good luck.”


Marty helped me down and then left. He would return to the others.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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