Ryusousha – 3

Chapter 3

Note: The previous 2 chapters were a prologue. The real story starts here.


There was nothing to do but laugh.


Shameless, perhaps. But that’s how I felt.


It was currently midnight.

When I looked up at the sky, there were two moons—Eidano and Kaida were shining in the heavens.


I was dressed in black and standing on top of the roof.

Yes, on a roof.


It was here that I was waiting for someone.

But that person was taking his time.


“There was no problem… Had that report been false?”


If it was, I could only laugh.

What had I been doing these last 10 days?


It was 10 days ago.

I received the infiltration investigation order from Her Majesty the queen.

And it was also an emergency.


I hadn’t been given an emergency mission in 2 years, which made me a little nervous.


Regardless, I approached my duty seriously.

And the results…a swing and a miss.


“Really, did I just waste 10 days?”


I sat down cross-legged and muttered without turning my head to the roof behind me.


“…Hey, there. Did you…notice… I suppose you did.”


“I was waiting. So, do you mind if I complain a little?”

“I’m sorry that I was late. If you’re talking about the order, then I’d prefer it if you didn’t.”


I leaned on my elbow and maintained my sulky expression as the latecomer came to stand in front of me.

He was also wearing black.


Then he removed the cloth that covered his face.

He was handsome and fresh-looking.


My older brother in law. Christan Roseite.

He was ridiculously handsome.

Though, there was no reason to say it twice.


“We’ll forget about you being late then. But I want to ask you some questions about the emergency order.”

“Questions? Fine. Ask away.”


His combed back hair reflected the moonlight. It was almost blinding.

It’s nighttime. Bastard.

I knew that my eyebrows were narrowed.

Then he grinned at me.

Damn it. Always trying to be charming.


“Alright, let me ask you this. No matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find anything questionable. Why?”

“I see… Maybe, it’s because there isn’t anything.”


He was strangely calm.

Was it really something to admit so easily?


So, it wasn’t an emergency? Did I waste the last 10 days?


But it was an emergency order from the queen herself.

You would think that he would doubt my investigation ability…or something.


Was there more to all of this?

Maybe I should prod a little.


“It’s rare to see merchants who sell such a variety of things these days. Still, I found nothing suspicious. It was all proper… So, what is it that you’re not telling me, brother?”


I put emphasis on the last word. He continued to grin as he answered me.

He definitely knew something.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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