Ryusousha – 53

Chapter 53


It was now July.


Miss Rosanna’s suspension was supposed to be for half a year.

And if it started at the beginning of the year, then it should be ended already.

Though, maybe it had been extended because she skipped class.


As they were not able to contact us students directly, I wondered if she would send flowers to me after her suspension.


But considering that it had not happened, I assumed that it had been extended.

Not that I cared enough to ask about it.


There would be a long break towards the end of the month.

But before that, there would be some ‘fieldwork’ that the First-Years and Second-Years would do together.


This practice would take place close to the Shadow Moon Road.

Apparently, they would form actual formations and hunt down the Moon Beasts.

There would be veteran Dragon Masters there to protect the Second-Years during their very first hunt.


As for us First-Years, we would watch them fight and run errands for them.

That way, we would know what to do next year and be able to take on their duties.


I was talking with my brother-in-law at the store like I always did when he suddenly warned me in a very serious tone.


“It seems that Makoku has started to move.”

We had talked about this before.


“I did some looking around when you told me last time. The barrier around this place is incredibly strong.”


The defense barrier around the Dragon Academy wasn’t a normal Detection Barrier. It physically prevented any intruders from entering.


There were two ways to overcome this.

The first was by using physical strength. Forcing the barrier open.


It would take a very long time, but technically, anyone could do it.

However, you wouldn’t have the time, as you’d be detected if you even tried.


A Dragon Master would probably come flying from the Dragon Master Grounds to the south.

You’d be eliminated before you could get in.


The other method was to use magic to slip through the barrier.

I suspected that there were a decent number of magicians who could do this.


You could nullify magic if you had stronger magic.

So a veteran magician would be able to get in if given enough time.


However, that meant only a limited number of people could get in.

They were only slipping through the barrier, after all. It was not the same thing as breaking it.


In other words, both of these methods had serious problems.

Important facilities had tight security like this, and so I wasn’t really worried.


Could a Makoku magician who was seeing this barrier for the first time, really get through it?

Perhaps they would use a different approach.


“Personally, I think they’ll try to attack when you are all out for the upcoming training.”

“…You think so too?”


If they wanted to attack us students, then that would be the best time.

They must be aware of the Dragon Academy curriculum.


Makoku would know that we had some field training during this time.


“But why would they want to attack the students?”

That was one thing I didn’t quite understand.


“You know about the Great Shift?”

I nodded. So, he had been told as well.

I wondered if it kept him awake at night


According to predictions, the Great Shift would occur in four years. The Shadow Moon Road would move to the north.

Because of this, Makoku’s capital would be destroyed and their granaries would be greatly reduced.

I didn’t know how long it would take to move the capital someplace else, but it would cause great chaos for sure.


“One of the reasons would be that they would want there to be fewer Dragon Masters when our countries finally do clash. And they would have a higher chance of succeeding than if they attacked veteran Dragon Masters. Another reason would be for the experience. Without experience, they won’t know how to fight the dragons. They would want to know these things soon so that they could prepare accordingly.”


That was certainly very bold of them.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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