Ryusousha – 40

Chapter 40


Voices rose in surprise when I showed myself.


Though, some were too surprised to make a sound.

The noblewoman whose shadow I had come out of–the one who was a Shadow like myself, she was frozen and wide-eyed.


I tried waving at her.



No. She was too stunned to react.


“Oh, so you are here. When did you arrive?”

“Just a short while ago. As you were talking about me, I decided that I shouldn’t wait.”


“Yes, we were talking about you. What do you think about her? Don’t you think she would make the perfect Patron?”


“We haven’t really spent much time together yet.”


“Yes. But do think it over. You may go now, Rymidia.”

“Y-yes. …Please excuse me.”


And so the noblewoman who I had delivered the bread to, made her exit, though she moved very awkwardly.

I remained.


And I could feel the murderous glares on me.

Did the Left Hands hate me so much?


“Quite impressive. I had no idea that you were here.”

“I came to make a report regarding yesterday.”


I said plainly.


Well, had I not dove into human shadows, I might have triggered a barrier or two.

It was always harder to enter than to escape. I would have to inspect the different types of barriers on my way back.


“Very well. Let’s hear your report.”


Her carefree voice was like a wind that blew away all the murderous anger around me. That was the Queen for you. She was not moved by others.

And so I tried to sound cheerful as well.


“I succeeded in eliminating Through. And Double as well.”


“I heard about that. Double… Oh, what was it again? Predicting Double? He had some such name.”



Like a prophecy?


Neither of them had been impressive in combat.

As they were the ones that remained, I had assumed that they were combat magicians.


“In the past, this Double detected simultaneous attacks on their bases. It was as if he had the ability to see multiple locations at once.”


Perhaps it was some kind of magic tool of farsight.

They really weren’t fit for combat.


“Through had very advanced detection magic. He was able to detect the Right Hands before they got close enough.”


“So, how did he manage to enter the Royal Castle?”

“I can only speculate, but either his detection magic just happened to be a good match, or he was able to detect a very wide range of magic.”


Regardless, he was dead now. So there was no need to fear what he was once capable of.


“I see. Thank you, Leon.”

“Everything is for you, Your Majesty.”


I said and was about to take my leave. However, the Queen was not yet finished with me.


“So, tell me about Foul Eater and Thousand Needles.”


She said.

I would make my excuses.


“They attacked me immediately after I succeeded in my mission. And so I had no choice but to fight them.”

I had no idea how it had been reported by that lady, but I told the truth.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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