Ryusousha – 39

Chapter 39


Her Majesty lived in the Royal Palace, and it was in one corner of it that she dealt with state affairs.

The Audience Hall was in the Royal Palace.


However, it was the Royal Castle that the majority of people worked.

This Royal Castle was incredibly large and surrounded by numerous walls. It was almost a town in itself.


I approached the Royal Castle without diving into the shadows, and saw the huge, deep moat.


This alone limited who could get in and go out.

Even if you overcame the moat, there were many outer walls that were very high.


“Seeing it again like this, I’m reminded of how annoying it would be to enter on the surface.”

Not that I couldn’t do it, but it would take a long time.


And since it was evening, there were shadows all over the place.

And so I approached the closest one and melted into it.


I went through the shadows and past the outer walls.

There were layers of inner moats here and it would take a long time to get through them.


And while I was very curious to figure out how the intruder had done it, I didn’t have time right now.


“I should just go to the castle courtyard, like last time.”


If I continued in this direction, I would have to go through many barriers, which would take too long.

The best way was to use the underground waterway and go in through the courtyard.


“…Huh, what’s this?”


I saw someone walking.

Well, it was more of a jog, which suggested they were in a hurry.


“Since they’re here, maybe I could use their shadow.”


With Shadow Crossing, aside from moving through shadows with your own will, you could also latch onto someone else’s shadows and have them carry you.

It allowed you to assimilate more strongly with the shadow, and so there was even less of a chance of being detected.


However, there was a demerit, which was that you could not see what was happening outside.


When moving by yourself, it was as if your vision was covered by just a thin veil and you could still see the outside world. But when you were in someone’s shadow, you couldn’t see anything.

And so I would just have to listen to sounds to determine where I was.


Also, as you were not moving by your own will, you may not be taken to the place that you wanted to go.

I could be taken into the castle but then immediately taken out, which would make the whole thing pointless.

I would have to start again.


“I have to be careful when I leave the shadow.”


I could move from shadow to shadow if they are connected. But if they aren’t, then my foot would suddenly appear.

Of course, that would mean that I’d be discovered.


The man who was jogging seemed to be rushing towards the center of the castle, so I thought to make use of that.

And so I moved through the shadows to his feet and dove in.


“Ah, Duke Galia. What brings you here?”

“I heard that my lands were attacked by Moon Beasts.”


“Yes, we got the report from the town of Winst. As the messenger is still here, perhaps you should head to the Moon Beast Castle?”


“The messenger is supposed to come to my mansion later on. As I heard that the damages were to the town and surrounding area, I wanted to look at the documents first.”


“I see. Well, there is a map that the Dragon Master brought. But it was taken to the main hall so Her Majesty could inspect it. But we should be able to see it if you apply for permission.”


“Thank you. The main hall. I see.”

“No, I’m terribly sorry for your misfortune.”


“It cannot be helped. Every town that is close to the Shadow Moon Road will be attacked. The point is to minimize the damage. And so I must hurry. Please excuse me.”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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