Flower Field Demon King – 27

Chapter 27


Skipping ahead.

After the three of them discussed it, it was decided that Moral would free the minds of the villagers, and Qudels would use his ever rediculous magic ability to erase their memory.

The explanation would be that, ‘Something happened during the ceremony to summon a god, and the participants all lost consciousness until the next day.’


As for Darten, he was now the younger brother of Qudels, and had visited the village after everyone fainted.

And since they would tell the villagers that Darten had helped take care of them, he would earn their gratitude.


And then the next day came…


“Destroy the church? What are you talking about! There is no way that we can do that!!”

Adelia looked angrily at Qudels when he made this suggestion.

However, Qudels was writing something down without a look of concern.


No, that’s not right.

He was unable to look Adelia in the face, and so he was escaping to his work while dripping in a cold sweat.


“Well, a lot has happened. We did summon a god, but she has a very strong personality. And the current building is not a good fit. Besides, she made this request herself… However, I do understand that given your position, you cannot look like you agree. Isn’t that right? Yes, I understand you completely. …In any case, if you wish for the village to be cursed and destroyed, you are free to allow that to happen.”


“Yyy…(You bastard. That’s not fair). Dddd…(Die. You brute). Yyy(You should do it yourself, you fool)…Ggrrrrrr…. Ehem. So, where do you plan to build this new cathedral?”

Her true feelings had spilled out quite a lot, but she knew that when Qudels made such demands, trouble lurked nearby. And so it was impossible for her to accept it happily.

While they hadn’t spent that much time together yet, Adelia was starting to have a good understanding of what Qudels meant.


“There is a reservoir on the outskirts of the village. Darten has already started the construction work.”

“Let’s go and see it. Now.”

As soon as Qudels offered the information, Adelia stood up without hesitation. And then she pulled Qudels by the sleeve and started walking.


If she left it, the wound would start to fester and get worse.

She had no evidence, but it was a woman’s intuition.


“But I haven’t finished with these papers…”

“You can do it later.”

Qudels must have realized that resistance was futile, and so he threw his pen on the desk and followed her.

If he didn’t, her heel would have crushed his groin again.


When they arrived by the reservoir, they saw that construction on the new cathedral had already begun.

And within the site, there was one person whose work attracted a lot of attention.


“Darten. I see you are working hard.”

“Ah, brother Qudels. Hello!”

The beautiful young man was wearing a shirt and baggy pants, like an average construction worker. He put down the stone materials he was carrying and waved at them.

At the same time, there was a loud thud and a moderate earthquake.


“What was that? Uh, clearly that exceeds the limits of human strength?”

“Well, he’s like a brother to me.”

Qudels wasn’t sure at what point that had been established. But he chuckled as if this did not need further explanation.

The fact that everyone accepted this was proof of how unusual everything surrounding Qudels was on a daily basis.


“Now, as for the reason that the cathedral must be built. It’s this lotus. Her worshippers must kiss the lotus.”
Qudels said as he pointed to one of the lotus flowers inside of the reservoir.

These lotus flowers acted as a stopper for Moral’s absorption of emotion. As long as they used them and offered their prayers, they would not be turned into husks.


“Those heart-shaped leaves? I’ve never seen such a strange-looking lotus before.”

“Yes, and the newly invited goddess is very fond of them. And so she wanted the cathedral built here.”

…Well, the real reason was that that the flowers could only grow here because it was where Moral had first descended.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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