Ryusousha – 38

Chapter 38


I returned to the dormitory and changed my clothes.

While the uniforms we had to wear for the ceremony were very fancy, we usually wore much plainer uniforms.

They were deep blue and prioritized ease of movement.


The Second-Years weren’t here, as they had classes.

And Ark didn’t seem like he would come back any time soon.


“He’s probably enjoying the ‘tea party.’”


It seemed like they were frantically preparing the drawing-room for it during the ceremony.

This was a tradition at the Royal Academy.

Setting the tables for a tea party.


Of course, attendance was optional.

But they planned it so that they could quickly lead the unwitting new students into the drawing-room as soon as they exited the auditorium. So many didn’t have a chance to leave.


But then again, I doubt they felt bad about being celebrated like that.

And so most of them remained captives by choice.

It was the relationship between hunter and prey.


“They’ll probably be gone until the evening.”


I had heard shouting at the auditorium door. Tea! Cakes! Sweets! So it was not likely to be a brief affair.


“But I have to go to the castle in the evening. In that case…”


The classes started tomorrow.

I knew the curriculum. It had been given to us.


From what I saw of its contents, most of our early time here would be studying at our desks.

However, once the more physical training started, we would be doing it for at least half the day. That sounded tiring.


Aside from that, there were also self-improvement classes.

They would be quite practical in nature.


And so I wanted to talk to Mister Rob about working for him.

I also had to tell him that I’d been able to deliver the bread to the noblewoman.


“I should go then.”

I said as I melted into the shadows.



“Oh, Leon?”

Just as I tried to enter through the back door, I bumped into Miss Miranda.


“Hello, Miss Miranda. Are you leaving for the day?”


“Miss Faine is tending to the store now, and Mira will be returning from doing deliveries soon. Cale has already gone home.”


“I see.”


“Your ceremony was today, wasn’t it? Are you allowed to be here?”

“Well, it’s finished now.”


“Ohhh… But you know, word will spread quickly if you’re not careful.”

“…What do you mean?”


“Information spreads quickly among students. As a student, if you aren’t very socially active early on, people will assume it’s because you have already acquired a very well-known Patron.”

“Well, I don’t have anyone at all.”


“Really? Well, maybe that will be part of the rumor as well.”



“When people decide on a Patron or have a passionate romance with a young lady, such rumors spread throughout the town. But it’s just a little gossip. However, if you don’t search for a Patron and have no connections, that will also be talked about.”


Are you contacting a foreign spy? Are you the illegitimate child of a lord? Such rumors would be whispered.


“But for me, it’s just because I want to live quietly.”

“The public won’t see it like that. So you should be ready.”


“Are you serious…”

I didn’t want people to fight over being my Patron. In fact, I didn’t want to have much to do with people related to Dragon Masters.

I would be very satisfied if I could live in peace on some frontier land and open a bakery.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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