Ryusousha – 5

Chapter  5


This continent was made up of four countries. Ryukoku, Makoku, Shoukoku, and Gikoku.


The dragon users were in Ryukoku.


I had lived in Ryukoku ever since I was born, but my father was originally from Makoku.

He said that he came to Ryukoku when he was the same age as I was now.


The ruler of this country was Queen Savane.

Her proper name was Savane Lucustra.


She was a direct descendent of the royal Lucustra lineage, and could also control dragons.

Her dragon was called the White Princess.

And everyone in the country knew that name.


The White Princess was apparently a slender dragon that was pure white, but I had never seen it myself.

It stayed in a special dragon house within the castle. But the people of the capital could occasionally see it flying in the sky above.


This was because the dragon needed exercise. And so it just flew in a circle, not really doing anything else.

And yet, even such a stroll in the sky required two hundred dragon-riding knights as escorts. So it must have been quite a sight.


You could destroy a city with two-hundred dragon knights.


Queen Savane had a group of people that worked for her from behind the scenes that were called ‘Shadows.’

As the name implied, their existence was not known to the general public.


‘Shadows’ gathered information, spread rumors, acquired evidence, and even assassinated targets.

They could affect history.


And among the Shadows, it was the ‘Right Hands’ that were good at combat.

I once fought with a Right Hand in the capital. I thought I was going to die.


That being said, I was a Right Hand myself.

The Right Hand of Sol.


I didn’t think that there was any grudge between me and the Right Hands in the capital.

It had been an unfortunate misunderstanding.


However, I never wanted to repeat that again. That was how strong they were.


By the way, my brother-in-law, Christan, was a Right Foot. They were good at traveling and delivering messages.

It was their job to give me my orders as well.


After all, Her Majesty couldn’t just write me a letter. That would be bad.

It was the same with regards to reports about mission success and failure. Everything was carried by the Right Feet.


So, we just gave the reports to them. It was easy.


There were also Shadows who were used for long-term infiltration missions. They were called Right Ears. Sometimes, they were made to stay in one location for decades.


Usually, they were sent to other countries.

Christan had met a few of them.

But I’ve yet to meet one.


“They’ll never be rewarded for their work. It’s a mission without end.”

He had said.


Right Ears gathered rumors and spread them.

I thought of them as people who just blended in with the populace. Not really as Shadows.


In any case, while we were all different, we Shadows worked for Her Majesty.


And just a moment ago, a certain baker’s son was just about to carry out an order.

Well, it was me. Oh, wait…I still had to finish my report.


“…Aggh… It’s so much trouble!”


The sky was starting to grow brighter. But I still hadn’t finished it.


“What? You didn’t sleep?”

Father said as he poked out his head.


His name was Harui Fenard. He was the owner of ‘Fluffy Fenard.’ My dad.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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  1. [But I yet to meet] -> {But I’ve yet to meet}/{But I have yet to meet}
    [of ‘Fluffy Fenard.] – > {of ‘Fluffy Fenard’.}

    And, some more description. Already miss those adorable puddings.

  2. The dad came from another country, and just fell into the secret magical agent of the government lifestyle? Also, we’re learning about right hands, feet, and ears, but last chapter dropped these terms, while also mentioning the ones on the left, what do they do?

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