Ryusousha – 5


He was retired now, but he was once an assassin for the queen. They called him the ‘Grim Reaper.’


And he was Sol’s Right Hand before I was.


He retired three years ago and gave the position to me so he could live leisurely.

Being able to relax and bake bread like that. It was my ideal life.


“Huh? You’re up already, father?”

“Already… It’s time to prepare the dough!”


“Really? … But I haven’t even finished half of this yet!”


“I should have trained your brain instead of your body first. It’s not easy being a muscle head.”

“It’s too late for that. You raised me this way.”


“…Nevermind that. You’re in a hurry, right? I’ll do the bread and you finish up your work.”

“What!? I’d rather do the bread.”


“This was your last order in this town. You should at least finish the report perfectly for once.”



“And in exchange, you can help bake the bread after breakfast. I’ll let you tend the fire.”

“I can finish it by then…probably.”


“Don’t despair even if you make any mistakes.”

Then he chuckled and headed off to the kitchen.


Father called me a muscle head, but I didn’t think I was… I hoped not, anyway.


As for missions from the queen, they came several times a year.

I also got help from other Shadows as well.


As there were twelve months in a year, I acted as a ‘Shadow’ maybe once every other month.


There hadn’t been any complicated orders ever since I took up the position, so the reports had been pretty easy to finish.


However, with a mission that went on for ten days, I didn’t know what to write or what to leave out.

I was good at infiltrating…but was I really a muscle head?


No, it just meant that the town of Sol was very peaceful.


“Father made it peaceful.”


Even the general public knew of The ‘Great Purge of the town of Sol.’ It was still pretty recent.

Many people knew what had happened, even if they didn’t know father’s name.


Many people died and even more were arrested.

In a way, it was thanks to my father that this town enjoyed the peace it did right now.


It was that father, that baked bread today.

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ryu06Leon Fenard. 16 years old. 1st Year at the Dragon Academy. Works for the queen as a Right Hand. An assassin who can Shadow Cross. His home is the bakery, ‘Fluffy Fenard.’

ryu05Christan Rozite. 22 years old. Procures things for the Dragon Academy. Runs a general goods store in town, but also works as the queen’s Right Foot. His wife is Leon’s older sister, Eina. While he is handsome, he tends to invite misfortune.

ryu01Savane Lucustra. Queen of Ryukoku. Has a son and daughter. Rides a dragon called White Princess.

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