Ryusousha – 39


So, the person I had latched onto was Duke Galia.

And his lands had been attacked by the Moon Beasts.


The Moon Beasts were an inevitable phenomenon that occurred when the two moons joined.

Damage varied from light to very heavy.


It was the duty of Dragon Masters to minimize the damage. That was why citizens idolized Dragon Masters so much.


“I should leave this shadow on the way.”


The main hall was a building that was in front of the Royal Palace.

While I could follow him inside, it would be very inconvenient if it happened to be very bright.


I could either dive into someone else’s shadow or just move on my own.

As it was nearing night time, it would probably be best to move on my own soon.


As Duke Galia walked down a hallway, I used the opportunity to move away.


“Alright, I better be careful.”


The closer I got to the audience chamber for Shadows, the more complex and strong the barriers became.


And so progress became slower.

It was just as I was starting to lose patience over how annoying they were, that I detected a familiar presence.


It was Her Majesty.

And one other. It was someone I had met today. What did this mean?


I moved slowly and then dove into that person’s shadow.


“Really, I was so surprised, Your Majesty.”

“Yes. Such coincidences can happen.”


The Queen was practically rolling with laughter.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves. But what were they talking about?


As for this person, she was the noblewoman who demanded that we deliver the bread this morning.

So, she was in fact, one of the Queen’s Shadows.


“Still, what a waste of time it was. When trying to make the wish of my family come true…losing just half a day is devastating.”

“So, that is why you were in such a hurry.”


“Yes. No, making my report to you was much more important, Your Majesty…”

“Don’t worry, you can be honest with me.”


“I’m very sorry…”

“It is fine. So he is doing well then?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“When I heard that he was working at a bakery every morning, I didn’t know what to think. But if that’s what he wants to do, then there is nothing that can be done.”


“I heard that he is a rare talent. And so I cannot help but feel that his time is being wasted. He should work as I do. Surely, that is the better way to live?”


“That’s incredibly unlikely. Besides, that child has his own calling.”



Bakery… They were talking about me?

They clearly were. Should I be listening to this?


“I heard that he has no intention of looking for a Patron. Do you want to be a candidate?”

“If you would allow it. Yes, very much!”


Wait a minute!

Why were they just deciding this without me?

And why now?


No, someone similar had happened before I left the town of Sol.

I had been asked to investigate a merchant. It was as if they wanted him to become my Patron by attaching me to his daughter.


“Then I shall arrange an opportunity for you.”

“You are most generous! Now my family and townspeople will be very happy.”


I better get out now.


I decided. And so I revealed myself to them.

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  1. Thanks for the new update!! I wonder how the Queen and the other shadow would react when they found out that subject of their conversation would emerge from shadows.. Hehehe… I am so looking forward to next chapter

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