Ryusousha – 40


“Indeed. But did you really need to go that far?”


“To be honest, I didn’t expect him to be so weak. While I had no intention of showing mercy, I was only reacting with the same amount of force.”


In other words, I attacked him just as he had attacked me, and he happened to die. His death was a result of him being too weak.


“Perhaps. And what will you do if you encounter the one that survived?”

“I will kill her, of course.”


I tilted my head as if to ask if there was a problem with that.


“You know, she’s been through harsh training to get where she is.”

“Yes. I will let her go then. But if she ever antagonizes me again, then I will kill her.”


“That is fine. …Oh, yes. I’m sure you’ve heard about Makoku’s sudden scheming. Do you know the reason?”

“No. I must be ill-informed, as I haven’t heard about it.”


This was true.

I had heard that Through was the cause of something important getting into the hands of Makoku, but I didn’t know what it was and why Makoku was starting to move now.


“Word of this must not leave this room. But a Great Shift is about to occur.”





Great Shift? What? Was it what I was thinking about?


“You seem surprised.”

“Of course, I am. …By Great Shift… Do you mean that the Shadow Moon Road is going to move?”


“That’s right. Signs of this have appeared when observing the way that the two moons overlap.”


Uhh. I did not want to hear that. But it was something I had to hear.

“Is that the information that Makoku found out?”


“Yes. It seems that they know. The Great Shift will happen in four years. Of course, this will be the first Great Shift ever since we started making detailed observations.”



Eidana and Kaida were the two moons in the sky.


When the two moons came close together, ‘steel husks’ would fall from Eidano.

And when they crashed on the surface, the Moon Beasts were born.


Dragon Masters were the only people in this country that could defeat Moon Beasts.


The place that the steel husks fell, in other words, the place where the Moon Beasts appeared, was usually the same. It was the route that Eidano moved in.

The route had been the same for a long time. And in this country, it was called the Shadow Moon Road.


And so towns and roads avoided it.


In the past, the two moons had come together a number of times.


Each time, countless steel husks rained down to the earth. And then, Eidana would be pulled by Kaida, and the moon would move.


“Hmm, when was the last Great Shift? Nearly 200 years ago?”

“To be precise, it was 176 years ago, Your Majesty.”


“Ah, yes. Back then, the Shadow Moon Road moved to the north, and Ryukoku suffered great losses.”

“Yes. It had been documented thoroughly.”


“They tell me it will move north this time as well. That is not really a bad thing for us, but Makoku is a different matter.”


I brought up a map of Makoku in my mind.

If the current Shadow Moon Road moved north…


“…Co-could it really…”

The Queen nodded.


If I was right, then Makoku would fall.

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  1. Makkoku looks screwed. The Shadow Moon Road is essentially going to bisect the country and destroy the capital if it moved north.

  2. … Steel husks that become Moon Beasts… Two moon-shaped satellites fighting one another and sending robots at each the other? And it was always from one moon because it was further away from the planet so it was launching the robots towards the planet?

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