Ryusousha – 28


There was something very refined about the movements.


As I thought this, Foul Eater suddenly smiled.

Though the lower half of her face was covered by the metal mouth, so I only saw the top half.


“I got this.”

She grabbed my right sleeve.


“…Ah, damn it.”


She moved in quickly and nearly tore my right arm off.

Too quickly.

I didn’t know it was possible for someone’s head to move so fast.


“You must have trained that neck of yours a lot.”


I had escaped by a hair’s breadth. Had I not pulled my arm even while my sleeve was torn, I would have likely lost my hand.


“I won’t miss the next time.”

Foul Eater said. Her mouth clacked loudly when she laughed.


We had the same number of arms and legs.

However, Foul Eater used her mouth as a weapon, which gave her an advantage in close-quarters combat.


Very interesting indeed.

I was a little impressed.


However, what if it was no longer close-quarters combat? How would she fare then?

We were both the Queen’s Right Hands.


There was a need for us to get out and survive any situation and bring information back.

Regardless of the opponent, if we were told to kill someone, we had to go and kill them.


In other words, you had to be able to adapt to every style of fighting.


I took out some throwing knives.

They had narrow blades and were painted black.

I had made them like this so they wouldn’t reflect light.


Who knew if Foul Eater even saw the blades that now protruded from between my fingers.

Then I flicked my wrist, and three knives shot out.


Yes, she hadn’t seen them from the beginning.

The knives slid into her stomach, thigh, and foot respectively.




As Foul Eater’s face contorted in pain, I pointed my sword at her neck.


“Surely you didn’t actually think you could win?”


I came alone. But they tried to attack the target as a group.

It was as simple as that.


Having an alias was a double-edged sword.

Foul Eater must have gotten the name due to her unique appearance.

However, her skill was not there yet.


“Perhaps if you had better luck.”


And with that, I thrust the blade into Foul Eater’s neck. …Well, I was going to, but someone interrupted me.


“And what are you doing, miss?”


I said to the person in black who was standing behind me… It was the Right Foot lady who was my contact.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter.
    Now I’ve think about it, it’s not only the mc who is bloodthirsty, but all of the right hands are bloodthirsty.

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