Ryusousha – 30

Chapter 30


In the palace audience chamber for Shadows.


The Right Feet had been bowing before the queen for quite some time.


“…So, that’s what he said.”



The order that had been given to Leon. Upon hearing the results, the room was filled with murmuring.

The Left Hands were shocked.


After all, this person had prioritized going to his school ceremony over meeting the Queen.


“And, how was it?”

The queen ignored them as she asked.


“Through, Double and the Right Hand, Thousand Needles. They were all killed with one attack.”

The audience chamber suddenly fell silent.


“Double is the one we called ‘Clairvoyance,’ isn’t he? All in one hit… Hmm. Against someone who defeated Beheader. How frightening. How wonderful.”

The queen said with a delighted laugh.


Beheader had used a giant sword, which was rare for a Right Hand, and was a veteran in martial arts.


He was not the kind of person to be outdone by an enemy.

And so his defeat would have been due to an unsurmountable difference in strength.


But that’s why the other two were sent as well. Foul Eater was strong but perhaps lacked experience. And experience was something Thousand Needles had a lot of.


“And you watched this fight with Foul Eater?”

“Yes. Of course, it was hardly a fight. It was like watching a child and an adult.”


In her current state, Foul Eater would lose ten out of ten fights.

It was because she understood this that she immediately surrendered on the rematch.


This was not someone she could beat.

No, it was wrong to even stand in the same ring.


She knew it the moment she felt the point of his sword at her neck.

Yes, this was someone who was too dangerous to have complete absolution. Such mutterings could be heard around them.



“What is it?”


“Also, there was something that Shadow Crosser said. ‘They were too weak.’”

“Too weak? The enemy was too weak?”


“Yes, Your Majesty. Of course, I think he was including Thousand Needles and Foul Eater in that assessment as well.” 

It wasn’t something said due to confidence and the need to boast.


It was more like, genuine surprise.

That’s what it had seemed like to her.


“Well, Grim Reaper is his father. So perhaps that would explain his standards.”

The Queen said with a burst of high-pitched laughter.


For a time, no other sound echoed in the room.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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  1. “Double is the one we called ‘Clairvoyance,’ isn’t he? All in one hit… Hmm.”

    Shouldn’t it be Through and not Double.

    Thx for the chapter.

    • @sunzid18 Nope i guess. I think they called Through as Through. And they didnt know Double’s true alias yet, so they made a nickname for him? And that nickname was Clairvoyance based on his magic??

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