Ryusousha – 8

Chapter 8


The carriage then left Sol and arrived in the town of Nate in half a day.

This was the town where Christan and Eina lived.


It was a town that we always passed through when traveling to the royal capital.


“We will depart tomorrow morning. You can do whatever you like until then.”

“Thank you.”


“I will bring the carriage to the front of your inn in the morning.”


The driver bowed his head and then drove off.

I suppose he was going to park it somewhere.


“Now, I should go and see my sister.”

I had only swayed inside the carriage for half of the day, so the sun was still high in the sky.


The next town would take an entire day to reach.

So I always knew that we would stay here for the night.


“Sister. Are you here?”


I entered the store from the back and called to her.

Christan’s family ran a general goods store in this town.


“Oh, if it isn’t young Leon. Welcome. Are you heading for the Dragon Academy then?”

“Hello, Mrs. Yolan. That’s right. …Though, I would prefer it if I didn’t have to go.”


“Oh, my. Every little boy and girl in the country wants to become a Dragon Master. You sure are an odd one, Leon.”

“I always intended on becoming a baker. Oh, this is from my father.”


I offered the bread that had been baked this morning.


“You’re always so kind. Your sister is out shopping for dinner right now. But she’ll be back soon. You should wait here.”

“I see. Don’t mind if I do then.”


Mrs. Yolan was Christan’s mother. She managed the store.


Her husband was Mr. Dordof, and he usually worked at the counter, so he was likely in the front right now.

Mr. Dordof had hurt his leg and had to walk with a cane, so Mrs. Yolan did all of the work in the back part of the store.


Apparently, Mr. Dordof had once been the queen’s Right Foot. He was a shadow that not only moved between towns, but sometimes took information straight to the castle as well.


But he was attacked by the enemy during a mission, and his leg injury forced him to retire.


My sister and Mrs. Yolan were not aware of Mr. Dordof’s secret job.

And so they thought he had been attacked by bandits while carrying luggage.


They didn’t know about brother Christan’s work as a Right Foot either.


“Oh, Leon. You’re here?”

“Welcome back, sister.”


“Hello. …Are you really on your way to the Dragon Academy?”

“I am. How did you know?”


“My husband brought back some of father’s bread last time. He visited you in Sol, didn’t he? I heard that you would be coming soon, but not this soon.”


“It seems like they send out a carriage to every student. I think everyone is waiting for their turn. After all, there is still some time left before school actually starts.”


“Still, you, a Dragon Master, huh? I didn’t believe my ears when I first heard the news.”

“I didn’t believe it either. It was such a shock.”


“Well, you do your best. It must have been your fate to become one.”

My sister said with a laugh.


“Maybe. Oh, I gave some of father’s bread to Mrs. Yolan.”

“Thank you. …So, will you be staying with us today?”


“I’ll be staying at an inn. And then we’ll leave tomorrow morning. The carriage has a strict schedule that we have to follow.”


“I see. But you must have dinner with us, at the very least. It’s too bad Christan isn’t here. He said he had to buy supplies from the capital and just left. I don’t know what to do with him sometimes.”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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