Flower Field Demon King – 24

Chapter 24


Night had fallen on Hamplet Village.

And in one corner where a crude shack stood, the sound of someone banging on the door echoed.


“Mister Qudels. Please come out.”

“Group leader! Don’t you know that nothing good will come out of you staying locked up in there?”

The people who said these things while knocking on the door were nearly all of the villagers and restoration support group members.


At a glance, the scene seemed calm. Almost like adults watching over their children who were starting to get rebellious.

However, the reality for those inside of the shack, was total fear.

To Qudels and Darten, they might as well have been the protagonists in a zombie film.


But unlike zombies, the people that surrounded the building were talking to them with calm, gentle and loving words… They were good people.

Even if there was a devil behind them that was waiting to capture Qudels and Darten and suck the life out of them.


“So, what should we do, brother Qudels?”

“Don’t call me that. I would never have such a pathetic brother.”

Qudels said coldly as he created glowing flowers within the dark and dusty shed.


Once the room was bathed in a pale, soft glow, they saw that there was a rough straw mad on the floor for a bed. The farmer who lived here must have been very poor.

There wasn’t even a place to cook. Perhaps this person worked under a more prosperous farmer.


“…It’s so cold. Well, we can’t stay cooped up in here forever, right? That being said, the humans may all die if we aren’t careful when retaliating.”

Darten muttered to himself as he sat down on the straw mat. Then he noticed the odor of the previous owner and he scowled.


“Exactly. Well, I could disarm them without hurting them if I wanted to, but I think that it may result in hurting their hearts instead of their bodies. And so, our only option is to strike at Moral, who is controlling them.”

“Yes, that’s true. So, do you have an actual plan?”

“That is a secret.”

As they talked, Qudels made more flowers grow all over the floor.

The shabby place was filled with colorful flowers. And after a while, it started to look like a botanical garden that was rather warm.

However…as the residents were a filthy old man in glasses and a near-naked muscle boy, the overall effect wasn’t too pretty.


“Huh. A vision and sound block barrier. And it also blocks spirits from entering. You’re very good at this stuff, brother.”

He realized that he could no longer hear the voices of the villagers and group members coming from the outside.

The flowers blocked all of the cracks in the walls and now no one could look inside.


“I’m impressed that you were able to understand that in a glance, but I feel an eerie chill whenever you call me that. …But nevermind. First, we must consider our opponent’s abilities.”


After finishing his work, Qudels started to talk about his plan.

He had avoided saying anything about it before, because it was possible that Moral was using magic to spy on them.



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