Ryusousha – 33

Chapter 33


“Here is your bread.”


After finishing my work at the bakery, I took the bread to deliver to the noblewoman and traveled through the underground waterway.

As I could melt into the shadows, I was much faster than your average carriage.


And I also didn’t have to go around anything, so I would be able to make it on time, even if I left the bakery quite late.

But Mister Rob and Mira became worried about whether I could make it on time… In fact, they got quite flustered over the matter.


“It would be terrible if you were late just because you were working here. Please go!”


They said. And so I had no choice but to leave.


Unlike most days, I had to deliver something today.

Even when I was diving into the shadows, I could tell. The bread was still hot.


Normally, I would come out very close to the dormitory, but in this case, it would look strange if I came out of the academy with a basket full of bread.

And so it would be better to return to the surface from a short distance away.


Apparently, the part of the street that was blocked off was the same every year, and so I was able to find the noblewoman immediately.


Well, her carriage was also very eye-catching.


“Hey, they say that we cannot go any further. Do you know of any secret path we can take?”

That was the first thing she said upon seeing me. She was certainly tenacious.


“I can’t say. I’ve only just moved here recently. Besides, I think they are blocking the road because of the opening ceremony.”


“That’s what they told me. And so I’m wondering if there is a more secret way of getting in.”


“But isn’t the blockade supposed to keep nobles and merchants out? If it is, I don’t think you should try something like that.”

I mean, she was exactly the group they were targeting.


“That might be, but I came all of the way here, you know? I can’t leave without meeting anyone.”


“I wonder if her Majesty is going to attend the ceremony.”

“I’m quite sure someone from the royal family will be there. What makes you think it will be the queen?”


“Because the people guarding the road are Imperial Guards. Authority and bribes mean nothing to them.”

It would be quite dangerous if such soldiers were moved by bribes.


They were part of the queen’s own army, and so they did not need to listen to the orders of other nobles.

Nothing this woman could say would make them move.


“But they are only blocking the road. Surely we could enter some commoner’s house and escape through their garden and…”


“That could have grave consequences if you were caught. It would also greatly inconvenience your family.”

I emphasized the word ‘grave.’


Because it really would be the case.

She was definitely the kind of person who would try to escape any responsibility and say, ‘that baker told me to go there.’


“Ohh… That-that would be bad.”


Thankfully, she was able to realize it.

Maybe the idea of being disowned had flashed in her mind.


“In any case, I must go now.”

“Very well. Thank you.”


I had thought she was a very selfish young woman after seeing her arguing with Mira, but she was at least able to thank people.


“No, thank you for buying our bread.”

I said with a bow. Then the woman pointed to the crest on the carriage.


“If you ever find yourself in a town called Muze, think of me. We are related to the lord there. I am Rymidia of House Hamon.”

“I’m Leon. My family owns a bakery in the town of Sol. But I’ve been working at the Fluffy Buloire since last week.”


“I see. I’m sure you’ll make a fine baker one day. Thank you for helping me earlier.”

She said with a wink.




I returned to the dormitory and got changed.


“You’ve been walking out every day recently, huh? Ark’s already left.”

Marty said to me.


“But we still have plenty of time before it starts, don’t we?”

“Yes, but think of all the people you could meet. That’s important too.”


The Royal Academy had its opening ceremony a few days ago.

And so this ceremony was just for the students of the Dragon Academy.


And I had heard that not only veteran Dragon Masters, but also military personnel would be attending. 

Marty was talking about meeting people.


Perhaps Ark was going to start endearing himself to such people now.


“What about the Second-years?”

“We have dragon-riding training today. There’s still so much to learn that we’re still overwhelmed. You’ll understand when you’re in our place next year.”


These days, they’d been doing a lot of training based on what type of dragon they had, and also mixed training.

The formations they created would be different depending on the enemy they faced. And so they had to practice taking their positions and matching their marching speed.


“Well, dragons are supposed to be much tougher than humans. Is it really that hard?”

“Yes. You really start to miss your bed after training for a while.”


I had noticed that they were only able to return from training once every other day.

The outdoors training meant they had to stay on top of their dragons for a very long time.


Still, the dragons themselves were always nonchalant, which was quite annoying. Marty said with a laugh.

I would find out next year.


“I better go then.”

“Leon. Be careful.”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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