Jack of all Trades – 250

Being quick and a ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ was not something I could rely on in my next predicament


“I went through many hardships up until now… But I worked hard and never gave up… And this is what I get for it…”


The manager seemed depressed as she slouched forward like a defeated boxer.


“You know, I never thought much about you before. Well, you were that nice guy who worked hard on the night shift… Oh, and I was jealous of your hair, which is wasted on you.”


Her back rounded even further. Her arms drooped downward.


“But once I discovered that you were here, it became a bit of an obsession. Well, it might have had something to do with the fact that I wasn’t fighting to live through every day anymore. Maybe I suddenly had too much time to think…”



I didn’t know how she had lived up until now. But it must have been difficult…

What could I say? I wanted to pat her on the back to encourage her, but it didn’t seem like a wise thing to do at this time…


“Ah, you are kind… You’re concerned, aren’t you? But it’s my problem to deal with. Don’t worry about me…don’t…”

“Well, you can stop looking like you want me too then…”


Her expression did not quite match her words. What was this? It felt like a desire to protect and also guilt were weighing down on me. I was being crushed by it.


“Rindo, is it? Would you stop trying to seduce Asagi?”


Daniela finally broke her silence. Hmm? Seduce?


“Asagi is kind and perceptive. A man who will try to help those in need. You have a lot of nerve to take advantage of that trait in order to try and tear him away.”

“What? You were plotting such a malicious thing…?”

“Hmph. Well, I’m not really your manager anymore. And I learned a thing or two during my time here. Sometimes you have to be excessive in order to get what you want.”


Uhh… The shadow attribute sure got her… Shadow Manager… Her attitude also seemed to change, as she now leaned back in her seat and gave a wicked grin.


“Ahhh. Still, it’s all being done out of a desire to have you. Surely, that’s forgivable?”

“Uh, I didn’t say that I won’t forgive you… But I…”

“Asagi. There is no need to listen to her. Besides, she looks strong enough. She will survive just fine without you.”

“True. But…”

“We worked together for so long. Are you going to abandon me now…?”

“What? You were just the manager. We barely saw each other.”

“Huh? I thought I was your saviour? Who hired you when you had nothing and looked after you?”

“I’m grateful for that, but…”

“Asagi was nothing but an employee to you. And that connection has been severed a long time ago.”

“We are not severed. Our relationship would be the same in our original world.”


Ah. There was an ominous feeling in the air… No one was listening to me.

The fact that the manager had been searching for me all this time, and considering our history, it was hard to be as firm as I probably should be. Not that I would ever waver regarding my decision.

Thugh, there was always polygamy…just kidding. Besides, I could just imagine Fiona’s reaction. She had withdrawn peacefully after I told her how I felt. She also helped me with other things too.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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