Ryusousha – 1


◇ Leon at age 13


I was now at the age where you were considered a grown-up in Ryukoku.


Those who started studying at age 7, would then go on to a special school in order to learn at a higher level.

As for those who had been working, they might start to work independently.

That’s what it meant to be 13.


As for me, I had spent the last 6 years baking and training every day.


Thanks to that, my skills had improved greatly, and both father and mother accepted me as a real baker.

I had worked hard during those 6 years, and now my future of taking on the bakery was all but assured.


I couldn’t think of any other path for me.

But there was one other thing.


“You are now 13 years old. That means you must also take my place regarding that other thing. Leon, you must protect this town in my place.”


“Do you mean, I have to become Her Majesty the Queen’s shadow?”


That was my father’s other job.

He was to secretly dispose of the villains and enemies of the country that were in town.


He protected the peace in the name of the queen.

Being a shadow was his job.


And now he was leaving that job to me.


“We will go and get Her Majesty the Queen’s permission. You’ve never been to the royal capital, have you, Leon?”



“Then we will meet with Her Majesty so I can introduce you. If she gives her permission, you will become her right hand. You will protect this town in my place.”


One day, just before I turned 14, we left the town of Sol for the first time in order to see the queen.


I would become independent in order to be the ‘right hand’ who infiltrates, investigates and assassinates, just like father.

But there was no hesitation. Because I had watched him all of this time.


During the day, he baked and offered delicious bread to the town’s people.

At night, he accepted orders from Her Majesty and executed the villains of the town.


In the future, when I got married and my child grew up. I would have to train that child just like father trained me. And when that child was old enough, I would retire.


I had no doubts about what my future would be like.


Yes, until that day…

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Translator: As you all know, there is only 1 chapter of Tensei Kenja left, so I’m looking around for other series to pick up. Might do this one, as it looks fun. I mean, it’s about a baker/assassin who can control dragons? The author has another series that I’m thinking about picking up as well.


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