Jack of all Trades – 262

An Unfamiliar Bar and Future Plans


It was quite late by the time I arrived at the inn. But due to being near the busy streets, it was still fairly loud. And so it wasn’t easy making my way through the drunk men with their mugs of beer and the other guests staying at the inn.


“To think that I’d be the one to return late…”


I sighed as I remembered what I had told Daniela before we parted ways. It was bad to ask people to do things that you were incapable of doing yourself. It brought me back to my early days as a part-time worker. I sighed again.


“Happiness will flee if you sigh too much.”


I recalled that rediculous saying as I entered the inn. A familiar person stood with their back turned towards me. Short, platinum blonde hair. Daniela.


“Sorry. I know I’m late.’

“Hm…I just got back myself.”


Daniela said as she turned around. She was holding skewers of meat.


“I hope you have something other than meat in that bracelet of yours?”


“It’s not funny. I’m actually worried.”


There was something a little awkward in the way she laughed. In any case, we left the entrance and walked towards our room. While I had a bad feeling about it, surely, it was nothing.


I grabbed the keys from the counter and followed Daniela up the stairs. She had finished her food it seemed. Did she put the sticks in her bracelet? I hope she wasn’t using it as a trashcan.


“We should get changed and then go out for dinner.”

“You’ve already eaten, old woman.”

“Hey, Asagi. That is extremely aggravating.”


This elf did not like to be reminded of her age.


“So? Where do you want to go? And it better not be meat.”


We had eaten nothing but meat since coming to this city. We were going to start smelling like it before long.


“Indeed. A quiet bar might be nice for a change?”

“Hmm… I like the sound of that.”


It was an unusual suggestion from Daniela. She usually preferred meat to drink.


I put down my bag and we both changed into rougher clothing before going back out into the city. Up until now, I had to take a smaller bag out of the hollow bag and use it to carry my wallet. But now, Daniela held the money in her hollow bracelet. We had put half of the money that I used to carry into it. It was incredibly convenient to be able to walk around without carrying anything.


“It’s nice that you don’t even have to carry your weapons anymore.”

“But you still have your sword belt.”



While I was empty-handed, I did have the demon armor sword on my belt. It was a relatively safe city, but you never knew what could happen. I was pretty confident in my bare hands these days, but perhaps there would be some other use for it. I just liked to be cautious.


We walked through the night, side by side. This was the busiest, liveliest city we had ever been to. Also, the most populated. But that meant more places to go. While I was expecting Daniela to take a long time deciding…she seemed to be walking with a sense of purpose. Had she heard about this place beforehand? I suppose she was going to escort me. I felt like a lousy date.


“There is a good place just around the corner.”



“Hmm? What?”



I had been a little distracted as I argued with myself, but I pushed those feelings aside. We turned the corner and entered an ordinary alley. There were doors and small windows on both sides where soft light poured out. There was something foreign about it all. Like we had stumbled into a different county. Well, I was in a whole different world. 


Daniela went to the fourth door and knocked. The light behind it seemed to become brighter.


“Why are you standing there? Let us go in.”



Daniela turned around to call me over. The interior was that of a very chic, atmospheric bar. There was a counter and a few tables. It honestly made me hate the clothes I was wearing. My shirt and trousers may have been made from wind dragon, they were too rough for a place like this. I should be wearing a suit and tie. What was worse, Daniela was wearing rough clothing too, but she somehow pulled it off in a way that I couldn’t. This was the gap between us…



“Two sweet wines.”



There was a young, handsome man who prepared the drinks. Daniela had already taken a seat down by the counter and patted the one next to hers.


“Hurry up and sit down.”



I was nervous from my head to my toes. It was very uncomfortable. Surely it wouldn’t have hurt her to choose a place that was a better fit for me? Well, I suppose this place fitted her quite well. Still, I was a little annoyed. But I was also aware that it was stupid to feel this way. Sometimes humans were just controlled by their emotions.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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