Jack of all Trades – 262


“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you very much. It looks wonderful.”



I accepted the glass of red wine with both hands and slowly raised it to my lips. Daniela was looking at me with an exasperated expression. Maybe that was why I couldn’t taste a thing. 


“Uh, it’s incredibly delicious.”

“Good to hear.”


My nerves were doing a bad job of calming down. Oh, now I was getting dizzy.


“I suppose you were not ready…”


I heard Daniela mutter. And then I blacked out.


  □   □   □   □


Apparently, being incredibly nervous and drinking strong wine were a bad combination. And Daniela had suffered the embarrassment of carrying me back to the inn.


“Well, that is never happening again. I will have to go alone.”

“Don’t say that… I am sorry…”


I had never been able to go to such a place before. There were some things in this world that just couldn’t be helped.

However, Daniela crossed her arms stubbornly. By the time I was able to placate her, the sun was already high in the sky.


“Should we go to a normal place for lunch?”

“Yeah. I love normal.”


Daniela touched her forehead and sighed.


We sat down to what was really a brunch and talked about what we would do next.


“…So, how long will it take us to reach this Reserentrible place?”

“It is three days on foot…I believe. But there is a dense forest on the way.”


Usually, you would discuss your trip in advance and then shop for supplies. But as we had no carry limit, we stocked up first.


“A forest, huh? It’s been a while…”

“Aye. There will be goblins and kobolds there. It is supposed to be very dense and dark.”


Daniela said as she read from the paper she was holding. I had killed kobolds in a mine once. They liked to dig dark and narrow holes and tunnels. The forest must be pretty dark for them to live there.


“There are also lizards and other smaller monsters… Hmm. Well, nothing I would say is dangerous.”

“But, don’t you think it’s possible that the dungeon could be having an effect on them now?”


Maybe monsters had crawled out of the dungeon and moved to the forest. It was easy enough to imagine.


“Who knows? This is all the information I was able to get at the guild. But there is nothing about any changes… At least not yet.”



Well, they had just recently found out that it was seventy percent of the dungeon that had been swallowed up, not half. I don’t know how much time it was in between, but the information was constantly updated. I only hoped that Daniela’s information was new and still relevant…


“Well, I guess we won’t know until we go. It should be fine as long as we’re prepared.”

“Indeed. Food and magic tools are no longer a problem.”

“Really? I haven’t seen proof of any fish or vegetables being bought yet?”

“Shut up… I told you. I bought them.”

“You better have…”


Daniela puffed out her cheeks sulkily as she ate her bread. I glared back and chewed on my salad.


“Mmm…gg… Right. We should buy more potions and other medicine.”

“We have the money. So there is no harm in getting everything that we can.”

“And not just healing stuff. I want potions for status effects as well.”


If we wanted to survive, it would be best to be able to deal with as many situations as possible.


“You mean like burns or to fight drowsiness?”

“Yeah. I really don’t know much about them. But are there potions that work against petrification?”

“Yes. But they are very expensive.”


The reason that I wondered about this, was because I had seen a ‘Petrification Shield’ at the auction. It was a magic shield that turned swords into stone, no matter what they were made of. They had even demonstrated it in front of us. Apparently, it had been made with a monster’s eye.

In other words, there was a monster out there that could turn things into stone.


“Alright, let’s go and buy them after we finish eating.”

“I do not know where it is. We will have to stop by at the guild.”



Now that we had decided on what to do next, I hurriedly cleaned the rest of my plate while still savoring the taste.

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    • I don’t think it’s supposed to be cheap. He’d never been to a really high-end bar before and he got nervous.

      • Even if he was so nervous that he poured most of the wine past his mouth, to pass out from just one sip is ridiculous. But, well, this story has never been too realistic in the first place…

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