Jack of all Trades – 80

The Leaves in Sunlight Inn

As this was was a post town, there were many inns lining the road. I guess this was the main street. A road of inns. Very fitting for a post town by a forest.


“So, what inn should we choose?”

“Definitely a place with great food.”

“You’re staunch as ever.”


I chuckled at my partner’s unwavering attitude, when a certain building caught my eye. There was a large sign in the front that read: ‘Free Information Office.’

Information for what…


“Asagi, there is an information office. They should be able to tell us of a good place.”

“Uh, are you sure?”

“Hmm? We will not know unless we ask. It is already past noon. We should get an inn before it’s too late.”

“Too late for what…?”


Daniela looked at me with a worried expression. Her eyes were serious, they suggested something immense, that I had no clue of. I gulped and waited for her to continue.


“Yes, we have to find an inn now or…”



Daniela closed her eyes and took in a deep breath before opening them again and shouting.


“We shall be late for dinner!!”



Oh, well that wasn’t too surprising. Even beautiful people had flaws. But you don’t have to yell like that on a busy street!

Leaving her there, I walked over to the free information office and looked at the advertisements that were nailed to their wall. After searching for some time, I found one that wasn’t too cheap and left the office. Daniela looked a little miffed as I sighed and told her that I had found a promising place, which she answered to with a big smile. We walked away, arm in arm. This girl seemed like she might just run off with anyone who offered her good food… I better be careful and not let her go.


We arrived at the inn that I had chosen, the Leaves in Sunlight Inn. It was an adorable looking building with a green roof. The advertisement at the information office said that this place was known for its dishes that contained fruits, wild plants and meat from the forest. Hearing the word ‘forest’ gave me flashbacks of goblins licking trees, and I had to quickly shake that frightening image from my head.

There was another inn with creative cuisine called the Flower and Nectar. And yet another one called the Red Beard, which served extravagant bandit food, but there was a risk to choosing such places, and so I had chosen this one. Creative recipes weren’t always the most successful, and who knew what kind undercooked meals would come out of the other place.

Well, they couldn’t be too bad if they continued to exist… But they do say that having a little prejudice will save you. Well, no one actually says that…


“How long will you stand their and moan? Hurry up.”

“Uhh, let’s go in then.”


There was no point in thinking about it. You should go straight in after choosing. That’s what men do.

We opened the door that was the same green color as the roof and looked inside. As was fitting for an inn with this name, the interior was full of sunlight from above. How did that work? Maybe it involved magic. The entrance hall was quite spacious, and there were several guests lounging on chairs. Hmm, nice atmosphere at least.

A woman in green clothing was standing behind a counter to the back. She bowed when she saw us. Daniela and I walked to the counter. I noticed that the floor was covered in a soft carpet that made your feet feel light.


“Do you want a room?”

“Yes. Um…Daniela. How long are we staying?”


Now that I think of it, we had not even discussed it. Daniela traced a finger over her lips and thought about it for a while, then raised three fingers at me. How about talking?


“Err, three nights, please. Two rooms.”

“Three nights and two rooms. Thank you. Will you be taking your meals here as well?”

“Yes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

“Then we will prepare a dinner for you tonight.”


That’ll make her happy. We’ll have food tonight.


“How much will it be?”

“Five silver pieces per guest. Each meal costs one silver and forty coppers, so all together it will be forty-nine silvers and sixty coppers.”

“Can I pay in advance?”



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. why is a couple staying in separate rooms ? would thinking they be staying in the same room by now just to save on cash

  2. Why are two intimate couples getting separate rooms …? You are basically telling the MC if he wants company at night he should accept the services of the girls who offer those services like the last inn they were a.

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