I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 34 Part 1

Allow Me To Introduce To You, My Master

Well, leaving master Horace’s outward appearance aside, there were a few things I wanted to confirm.


“Uh, master Horace?”

“Master? Ehehehe.”

Perhaps he was pleased to be called ‘master,’ because the reddish brown figurine wriggled happily.

It seemed that he was at least capable of moving his shoulders, neck, waist, and thighs. I hadn’t exactly had such intentions, but he came out somewhat similar to a flexible plastic model.

Still, there was something off-putting about this bashful clay doll.


“Um, how long will this effect last? I do not know, as this is my first time. But, uh, how long will this doll shape that is your new body stay intact, master?”

“Hehehe. So that means that I was a first for you, young lady.”

Master Horace’s reply caused Cain to frantically attempt to cover my ears.

He probably felt that girls were not to listen to such suggestive jokes.


However, it was not hard to pretend at ignorance to such metaphors. I had a certain experience there that was built up in my past life. …Teen boys seemed to really like their dirty jokes. You can hardly avoid them. I was about to tell Cain that he must not worry, but then I realized something.

This master of mine, he would be coming with us, wouldn’t he? That meant there was a possibility that all kinds of words would pour out of his mouth, not only in front of Reggie and Alan, but even in front of the Margrave couple.

Yes, I would have to warn him in advance. I immediately sentenced the dirt doll to be flicked on the forehead.


“Ohh. I do not feel pain, but I do sense a shock.”

“So it does not hurt then… Well, perhaps I will not be so kind the next time? I can ignore such comments, personally. But others may just trample over this new body of yours, so you may want to refrain from speaking too freely?”

“Tsk. I knew you were not normal. And so you do not shy away from that, eh? How very boring.”

The dirt doll looked quite exasperated as he answered in defeat.


“This body should last as long as you do not forget to pour your magic into it. Though, an ordinary doll would meet its end when the time came. After all, normally, the life blown into a doll is only the power of the magician. But I am actually inhabiting this one.”

It would last longer, as master Horace’s soul lived inside.


“Well, I think it should last a good three days without any reinforcing.”

“Would the distance between us effect it at all?”

“As long as the magic does not run dry, it should be fine.”

Well, that certainly reminded me of a battery powered toy.

It would stop moving when the batteries were out. But if the batteries were still good, it would not matter if the owner was off on vacation. Something like that.


“In any case, in order for my soul to continue being in here, I should probably stay by your side.”

“Yes, I did think that might be the case.”

“What, are you taking it!?”

Cain shouted in horror.

He was likely only quiet for as long as he had been, because it took awhile for him to accept the fact that I had created a talking dirt figurine with the strangest appearance.


I Will Not Become an Enemy! Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen!

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