I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 30 Part 2

Perhaps it was because I was thinking of such things as I walked.

I returned to my room as usual and let out a deep sigh. Just then there was a knock on the door and I opened it without even thinking.

“Yes, who is… Ahh!”

“There is no point in confirming it after you’ve already opened the door, Kiara.”

It was Reggie who was standing there.

“Is it not a little hurtful of you to be surprised at the sight of my face?”

“Ah, no. I just hadn’t expected it at all, and was surprised…”

While I was still answering him, he once again invited himself inside the room and closed the door shut. Um, I’m pretty sure I saw Grol waiting outside the door again as well!?

“Reggie. You and I are now grown adults. Don’t you think this is troublesome?”

I said as I pointed to the door. But Reggie’s expression did not change.

“I don’t think it is. Do you, Kiara?”

“Uh, well, you are the prince. What if there should be rumors…”

That would be trouble would it not? A person who was to one day become king, visiting the quarters of servants. He would be seen as a debauchee, it would harm his reputation wouldn’t it?

“I do not care about rumors. But perhaps I should be worried about your reputation instead? Would you hate it for there to be rumors about us?”

I couldn’t say that…

If anything he was handsome, close friend that I almost wanted to boast about to everyone. I’m sure there were many who would love to have such rumors about them. Even I did not hate the idea.

But on the other hands, Reggie was much too advanced. I couldn’t ever think he would seriously care for me as I was now. Completely powerless.

Perhaps it was because he had no intentions towards me that he could so casually walk into my room?

Such doubts entered my mind as Reggie continued in a whisper.

“Nevermind that. Where have you been all this time?”

It was a sudden change of direction and I was almost unable to follow him.

But it seemed that my inability to immediately answer had made him suspicious.

“Was it something so terrible, that you cannot tell me?”

“A-, I…”

Can’t say.

I could not tell him! I had almost said ‘As if could tell you!’ but thankfully, I stopped myself!

I had broken my promise with Reggie and attacked a magician, captured one of his men(though it was actually Cain who did it), and was currently thinking about capturing a magician again depending on the results of the prisoner’s questioning.

Even though I hadn’t spilled anything yet, it seemed like Reggie’s smile was darkening by the second…

“I did say that I would have to punish you if you were bad, did I not?”

Reggie, you do realize you sound like some ogre trying to scare children!?

Even as I poked fun at him in my heart, my mind was in the eye of a storm.

Eh, what? Was he saying that because he knew everything?

I could feel the sweat running down my back now.

Reggie came one step closer. I instinctively began to take a step back.

“Why do run if you haven’t done anything underhanded?”

I stopped once he said this, then he pulled me over to the sofa to sit down.

Right next to him. His hands were still covering mine. It was the perfect position for him to question me. Inside I was shaking, but I was determined to not allow myself to accidentally confess.

“First, it was a good thing that you helped my aunt. But I hear that while you acted as a decoy, that you rolled up your skirts?”

“I did no such thing! As it would be very difficult to run, I just want to free my legs a little… Ahhh!”

I nearly covered the sides of my face with frustration after refuting it. But Reggie grabbed both of my hands before I could. And now he was leaning forward towards me.

“Well, it seems that you were saved from the danger because of it. So I will have to endure it.”

“You aren’t mad?”

“The matter is on hold… I will unleash whatever feelings I have about it on Alan instead.”

I found myself leaning backward on the sofa as his face got ever closer.

It was quite amazing that the beauty of his face held up at this distance! Though, perhaps I was only thinking of such nonsense because I wanted to escape from this fearful moment.

Also, he would what with Alan? I didn’t understand it, why was Reggie so upset about all this in the first place?

“Um, why are you… You’re not even my father and…hhh.”

Reggie’s lips were right by my ear.

“It was me who advised it and had Alan and the Margrave pick up you. Why should I not feel a sense of responsibility? I feel that it is my role to inform you if your actions are inappropriate. In the end, I am your guardian.”


I suppose I would have to be satisfied with that. It was true that the Margrave took me in due to the prince’s wish to help a poor child. Perhaps he did have a responsibility as it was he who had pushed this burden onto the Margrave household.

“So, where had you been earlier today? In fact, I’ve heard that you and Wentworth have been leaving the castle grounds regularly?”

He, he…clearly knew. I understood now.

He had heard about my actions from someone and knew that I had broken our promise. That was why he was questioning me. That was the only explanation for this.

“Of course, you would not be at fault if you were acting on orders. I even asked you know? And then the Margrave told me that I better hear the story from you.”

Lord Vayne… That was no help at all.


I Will Not Become an Enemy!

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