I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 34 Part 1


“So his soul can continue living…it is an odd way of putting it, but he helped me become a magician in return, and so I do mean to help him. Besides, if I left him here, I imagine that rumors would spread of a dirt figurine who shouted and cursed as he turned into sand. My name would probably be spoken during those curses, and the rumors would spread within days. I do not want that.”
Even if I survived this fight, I would be the girl with the strange reputation. It would make living here quite uncomfortable. I would hate that.


“…But, well…you may be right.”

Cain had a somewhat pained expression, but nodded at this.

After a few minutes, the knights who had chased after the man who shot Horace returned. The man had been too quick, and they had lost him.


“But it is fine. We succeeded in capturing my master’s soul, and I will be sure to make him spit out any information that we need.”

“Captured? What an unsettling way to put it, young lady. Well, perhaps I should expect no less from the one who would become my apprentice. Ehehehe!”

I had only meant to relieve them with the information that we had a witness, but the knights now looked at the doll with suspicious terror.


“That…what is…”

“Wait a moment. Did that thing just speak?”

“Unless I am hearing things…could it be?”

They could hardly keep up with my master’s sudden metamorphosis, and so I decided to leave them for now.


I buried the sand that was his body and his clothes in the grove on the side of the road. I no longer had any need for a shovel. All it took was for me to imagine that the dirt was being dug up, and relate this image to the magic inside of the earth.

Cain had to explain to the other knights what was happening. And I felt very grateful to him for that.


When that was finished, I took the things that master wanted me to take with us and put them in his bag.

This mission to deal with the monsters was complete. We needed to return to the castle as soon as possible.

I held master Horace under my arm and sat behind Cain on his horse.


Cain still had a conflicted expression, and the other knights who followed him on their horses also cast bewildered expressions towards the clay doll.

It seemed like it would take them a long time for others to get used to it…

Such things were in my thoughts, as we went back up to the top of the cliff. Now that they were no longer bound by Horace’s magic, the monsters had now scattered in every direction, leaving the scene as quiet as it was before our arrival.

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Merry Christmas.

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  1. Thank you so much for this Christmas gift! How are you doing, how were your holidays?

    On the other note, something that comes across better in this translation than MTL is that the doll(?) or Cain telling dirty jokes.

  2. Kinda conflicted with Chrismas now.
    It is like seeing a readable novel got a chrismas bonus and then that’s it. It suddenly gone.
    Why must on christmas. T_T.
    Thank you for the chapter.

    • You are welcome! I’ve been really busy the past week and haven’t posted chapters for anything for a while. I hope to get started again soon!

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