Jack of all Trades – 80


Choose and push forward. Men should just do it and pay in advance.


“Yes, right here please.”


She offered out a wooden tray, which I then deposited forty-nine silvers into after pulling them out of a purse. I then placed the sixty coppers down, neatly in towers of ten coins, which made them easier to count. The old clerk in me was used to handling money. In fact, it would be nice to have one of those coin counters. You know, those plastic ones? Maybe I could make one out of wood…


“Oh, how thoughtful of you. Let me see… Yes, it is the perfect amount. Thank you.”


People really do open up if you interact with them nicely. This lady looked rather cute when she smiled. I couldn’t really help myself from smiling back.


Ah, Daniela, that hurts! Not the knee!


“So then, three days with meals. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dorothea, and I run this place. I hope that you enjoy your stay.”

“I’m Asagi. This is Daniela.”


With that done, she handed us our keys. Hmm. I was on the third floor. Daniela the second. Different floors this time. We parted ways on the second floor.


“Are we disbanding for the day then?”

“I guess so? I think I’ll go wander around a little.”

“Then I will be resting in my room.”


And so we disbanded. Now, off to my room on the third floor. It was room 301, right by the stairs. I could already imagine hearing all the noisy people coming up and down…


“Now, what will it look like…:”


I pushed the key in and turned it. There was a satisfying click as the lock opened. I turned the doorknob and opened the door. A forest spread out before me.


“Woah, crazy…:”


The floor was brown and covered by a green rug. The curtains were a gentle, deep green. The bed was a vibrant yellowish green. The closet, table and other furniture were a unified brown color. It felt like you were in a forest. The lamps were covered in ivy, and the shadows of the leave were projected onto the walls. Quite dream-like. There were apple-like fruits painted on random objects all over the room. And on closer inspection, there were also security mechanisms as well. They were painted green, so as not to ruin the atmosphere of the room.

Haahh…I was satisfied. It was all very green, but still not an eyesore. In fact, it was very relaxing. We made a good decision. Even my clothes were green, so it was perfect…


That being said, I should take a look around outside. I took off the armor, poncho, and mantle and put them in the hollow bag. I would go in just the rough shirt and pants. But I would still take the sword. I felt like I needed to show that I was an Adventurer, to ward off troublemakers. Well, this town felt pretty safe, but just in case…


“Now, explore, explore…ah, money, money.”


I had forgotten to take out my wallet. I would not be able to make any ‘once in a lifetime purchases’ without it. Most people may brood over whether or not to buy that awesome thing they found. But I’ve decided that I would just buy it first and worry later. Unless the price was out of my reach, anyway.

I locked my room and returned to the entrance hall. I told Dorothea that I was heading out for a stroll and gave her my keys.


There was a large road as soon as you left the inn. Great location. This was a post town, so all the buildings I saw were inns, inns and more inns… But surely such a town would have some interesting stores. The spirit of exploration was screaming to me that this must be so, and so I put my trust in it and walked out. Hehe. What would I find?

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    • I have the same thought. It’s honestly getting to the point where it’s strange that they’re still doing separate rooms. Especially with how jealous Daniela gets you would think she would want to keep an eye on him…

    • I guess it could be because they still want space and they dont want to risk ruining their partnership. Thats why he’s careful with how they split money as well. Its also possible that some inns separate the rooms by gender.

      • Personally I think it could also be because they haven’t been together for that long. Dating aside they haven’t really known each other for that long, even more so for Daniela who has an elf’s sense of time.

  1. i wonder what trouble our protagonist will find himself in THIS time…. since he cant do anything without trouble following him it seems? maybe going into the redlight district by mistake?

  2. As asagi walks out the door of the lovely inn expecting interest in such a peacful town while raising flags left and right. He was soon about to find more trouble…next time, on Jack of all Traaaaaaadeeess!

  3. I also don’t get the separate rooms. Besides it seems like she didn’t want “just” food yet they just went their separate ways after getting rooms. I am enjoying this light novel immensely yet I don’t really get this part.

  4. Okay just one question: Why the hell are they staying in 2 separate rooms? Did I miss something? I don’t remember anything being said about it being a cultural thing.

    • The inn at the mining town had women and men on separate floors. Maybe they are expected to be separate if they arent married?

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